Tessa and Jesse

Dear Birth Mother

Hello, we are Jesse, Tessa, Paige & Lucy from Langley, British Columbia in Canada. Thank you so much for considering us and taking the time to learn about our family!

We are a family of four with our two biological daughters, Paige who is five and Lucy who will soon be three, and can’t wait to become a family of five through adoption! Adoption was something we had discussed years ago as something we wanted to do, whether we were able to have children or not. After Lucy turned one, we decided that adoption was the path we wanted to take. We know the huge impact a family has on a child’s life and we have so much love to give.

We are so thankful for our own parent and sibling relationships and can’t wait to adopt a child into our family and see our girls with the new sibling they are waiting for with anticipation! Because adopting in Canada can be more difficult, we are grateful to have the opportunity to grow our family through adoption in the United States!

About Us by Tessa: Jesse and I have known each other since high school when we attended the same church youth group. The funny thing about this was, I am 3 years older than Jesse, and Jesse was buddies with my younger sister! I always thought he was hilarious and the sweetest guy. I went off to college for a few years and then reconnected with Jesse at church, and we were both on the music leading team (Jesse played drums and I played piano and sang). I knew we had the same sense of humor and we connected so easily! After awhile we knew we were becoming more than friends, and he asked me on a date!

Jesse surprised me by proposing only 6 months into dating! He took us to dinner at the same restaurant we had our first date, and then to my favorite forest trail by a river. A tree by the river lit up in twinkle lights and 1920s ballad music started playing, and Jesse asked me to dance. I said yes, and it’s one of the best choices we’ve ever made.

Favorite Family Activities:

  • Dance parties
  • Swimming
  • Music jamming sessions on instruments
  • Biking and pointing out all of the animals we see on nature trails

We love being parents and one of our greatest hopes is that all of our children grow to be best friends and each other’s biggest supporters in life.

Dear Birth Mother

About Jesse

About Jesse, By Jesse: I grew up in a small town outside of Vancouver, British Columbia with my mom, dad and younger brother Ryan who has always been, and still is my best friend.

About My Work: I loved drawing cartoons from a young age and I’m so glad my mom saved my drawings so we can show our kids! A few years after high school I enrolled in an animation diploma program. Just a couple of months after graduating, I was hired at a large children’s television studio in Vancouver! I have been working there for almost 7 years and now lead an animation team at the studio.

We are so fortunate that my work hours have always allowed me to be home for family dinners and playtime with our kids. I’ve begun working from home, which has been so amazing for our family, being able to see the kids throughout the day!

More About Jesse by Tessa: Jesse is the most amazing husband and daddy to our girls. He takes the girls on individual daughter dates and spends hours coloring with them, playing music with them and having dance parties in our living room. I love how he truly takes interest in their activities and makes them a part of his interests too. Jesse is kind, gentle, so very loyal and affectionate and those girls know how loved they are. I can’t wait to see him as a father to another child…your child, like Paige and Lucy, will be just adored by him.

7 of My Favorites:

Dinner: Indian food

Dessert: Ice cream with raspberries

Band: Rush

TV Show: Seinfeld

Musical Instrument: (that I play!) Drums

Hobby: Skateboarding

Vacation Spot: Hawaii

About Jesse

About Tessa

About Tessa, By Tessa: I was born in Vancouver, B.C. and lived there until I started second grade. Soon after my family of four (mom, dad and sister) moved to a small town on Vancouver Island. It was a magical few years with so much nature to explore and memories made with my family, including the birth of my little sister! Right before eighth grade, my family moved to a city outside of Vancouver and spent the next few years attending high school. After high school I attended Trinity Western University to study to become an elementary school teacher. This grew in me such a deep love for teaching children and seeing them grow in their confidence and potential.

About My Work: For the past ten years I have taught kindergarten-grade 3 at a wonderful community school, and it is so exciting to see our daughter starting kindergarten there this year! For each of my babies I was able to take a full year off and then return to work one or two days a week, during which the girls were cared for by their adoring grandparents.

It is so important to Jesse and I that we spend these childhood years taking time at home investing in our children’s lives, and it will be the same for our next little one.

More About Tessa by Jesse: Tessa always shines like a beam of sunlight in every social setting. She’s an absolutely incredible mother, she always gets down on the kids’ level to engage in their games with them. Everybody loves to be around her, she makes everyone feel special and important. She genuinely cares about everyone in her life. Our kids are growing up very loved, with as nurturing a mom a kid could ever hope to have. I can’t wait to see Tessa become a mother again because she has dreamed about raising another baby and has so much love to give.

7 of My Favorites:

Dinner: Mexican food

Dessert: Dark chocolate

Movie: Lord of the Rings

Book: Little Women

Hobby: Trail walking/running

Musical Instrument: Piano

Vacation Spot: My family beach cabin


About Tessa

Meet the Big Sisters

Meet the Big Sisters: Paige is a spunky, kind and sensitive little girl. She loves the outdoors, riding her bike and climbing trees and draws the most amazing cartoons. It’s been so exciting for us to share in the excitement about adopting with Paige. She is the best big sister and can’t wait for another sibling.

Lucy is full of life, sweetness and energy. She keeps us laughing and loves all farm animals and little babies. Although she isn’t a big sister yet, we are so excited to see her in this role because we know she was made for it!

Meet our Kitty, Flower: Flower loves to eat, cuddle and purr, and lounge on our patio all day! She is very affectionate, and the kids love her. She will make a great companion to your child the way she does for Paige and Lucy!

Our Home: We own a large townhouse in Langley, British Columbia, Canada. We have fantastic neighbors and so many children of all ages in our community. We have a big yard space with a great playground and basketball/hockey court in our complex. Our favorite spots in and around our city include Crescent Beach, Fort Langley village by the river and Campbell Valley Regional Park. The excitement of Vancouver city is an hour drive away. We love walking to the town square with our girls, the skatepark, water park and swimming pool which are all within a 5-minute walk, and so is Nana’s house!

Meet the Big Sisters

Our Family and Friends

The girls love their grandparents, aunties, uncles and cousins who all live within ten minutes of us. Jesse and his brother, Ryan, are best friends and talk every day, and Ryan and his wife, Haley are two of our favorite babysitters for our girls! My sister, Bailey is a nurse with a husband and three little boys who Paige and Lucy adore. My other sister, Michaela is a teacher and artist and world-traveler, who loves to dote on her nieces and nephews.

Our Parents: We are so grateful for the incredible role our parents play in our kids’ lives. A day at Nana’s will include a handful of crafts, music and play in her beautiful yard. A day at Grandma and Grandpa’s involves walks to feed horses down the street, swinging, picking berries or having picnics on their acreage. A visit with Grandpa-Mike (Tessa’s Dad who lives just across the border in Washington) includes treasure hunts, treats, and fun family getaways. Our families have a lot of unconditional love for one another and we are very thankful for how close we all are.

When we first had Paige, we met a wonderful group of friends at our church that we have walked through the joys and challenges of parenting with these people for almost six years and it has been such a gift to us. We have spent this past year having regular BBQs and firesides with our neighbors and watching our kids play together for hours a day. We are not short of wonderful families in our lives that support and love us. Your child will be surrounded by so much love from our family and friends!

Totally Fun Family Traditions:

  • In January we go to Whistler to a big cabin that Grandpa-Mike rents for us to celebrate a late Christmas!
  • In summer we go to our cabin on Camano Island, Washington which is our favorite place!

Our Heartfelt Thank You: We want you to know how much we admire you! Thank you so much for considering our family as you make this big decision. We want to honor and support you in every way we can, and offer our family to you as a place your baby will be seen, known and loved with all of our hearts. We are committed to raising your baby with gentleness and nurture their unique gifts, and to give all we have including our home, friends, family and traditions that are all so dear to us. Your baby will be our beloved and you will forever be loved by us too!

~ Jesse and Tessa (and Paige and Lucy too)!

Our Family and Friends