Therese and Isaac

Dear Birth Mother

Hello! We are Therese and Isaac from Glendale, California. Thank you so much for reading our profile and considering us as adoptive parents to your child! Although we have never met you, we deeply admire your courage, love and selflessness.

We have been married for several years but have been unable to have children. We both have so much love to give and can’t wait to welcome a child into our home. To us, being parents means giving limitless love, understanding, and compassion to a child. As parents, we want to help your child to discover their talents and passions and to pursue them. We are committed to providing a stable, supportive, and loving home. Thank you again for reading our profile; we can’t wait to meet you and your child!

Our Story: We met at a bowling alley. Mutual friends had a Mardi Gras bowling night and we both happened to attend. Therese is no bowler, but on her last throw, she got the first strike of her life and beat Isaac by one point. We like to say that it was love at first strike! Afterwards, Isaac invited Therese out for a rematch and the rest is history.

After dating for a year and a half, Isaac proposed to Therese at a local botanical garden, where we had gone on dates. He knelt on one knee by the duck pond and asked her to be his wife, to which Therese responded, “Absolutely!”

As a couple, we enjoy quiet nights at home. Our favorite evenings are when we share one of  Therese’s amazing charcuterie platters, while watching old Hollywood classics or cheesy 80’s movies. We also enjoy visiting museums, going to concerts, and trying new restaurants.

Isaac is very close to his parents. We have Sunday brunch with them twice a month. Therese’s parents live in northern California and we visit them a couple times a year. We had a wonderful white Christmas with them last year and we look forward to sharing white Christmases with our future child.

The Fun Side of Life:

  • We relish traveling! We’ve been all over California; our favorite weekend trips have been to San Diego and to Monterey. We’re looking forward to exploring more of the U.S. with our child.
  • We’re both avid readers and collect piles of books. Isaac enjoys books or magazines on history, culture, and politics. Therese usually sticks to classic novels, with Jane Eyre and Lord of the Rings among her favorites. We can’t wait to read to our child!
Dear Birth Mother

About Therese

Meet Therese by Isaac: I love my Therese because she is outgoing and always willing to join me on an adventure, like visiting my family in Mexico or traveling to Malta. Therese is the most wonderful, caring, and witty person I have ever met.

Besides being my wife, she is my best friend and best travel partner for this thing called life. At the same time, Therese helps me keep focused on the things that matter in life and ensures that family is the priority. She always challenges me to grow and learn, helping me to become a better man.

For all of the above reasons, Therese is way too good for me and I am way too blessed to have her as my wife and friend! She will be the most loving and amazing mother to your child!

Fun Facts About Therese:

  • Likes to collect fridge magnets
  • Plays the piano
  • Therese’s sweet tooth enjoys flourless chocolate cake

A Few of Therese’s Favorite Things:

  • Holiday: Christmas
  • Ice Cream: Mint N’ Chip
  • Animal: Cat
  • Board Game: Taboo
  • Take a Child: Aquarium
  • Vacation Spot: Hawaii


About Therese

About Isaac

Meet Isaac by Therese: One of the first things I noticed about Isaac was that he was always happy to see me. Each time we met, his face would light up in a giant smile, and still does.

He is stable, consistent, and level headed. When things don’t go as planned, he’s always the calm, rational one. However, he’s not boring. Isaac is an adventurer. He’s always trying something new or taking on new challenges, like running a marathon or learning Muay Tai. He also has a strong spirit of service. He has volunteered at polling centers and is a mentor in Big Brothers Big Sisters. Isaac is bilingual and looks forward to teaching his child Spanish.

I love visiting my nieces and nephews with Isaac; he’s always ready to play soccer or a boardgame with them, or to listen to all their stories and thoughts. I am so grateful that Isaac and I met and am so blessed to be married to him. I’ve never been so happy and I can’t wait to become a parent with Isaac!

Fun Facts About Isaac:

  • Likes to collect tiki mugs
  • Plays the guitar
  • Isaac’s sweet tooth enjoys Cherry Cobbler

A Few of Isaac’s Favorite Things:

  • Holiday: 4th of July
  • Ice Cream: Rocky Road
  • Animal: Red-Tailed Hawk
  • Board Game: Chess
  • Take a Child: Hiking
  • Vacation Spot: Miami
About Isaac

Our Family

Much of Isaac’s immediate and extended family live nearby. Isaac has over twenty aunts and uncles and has more cousins and second cousins than he can count. Isaac visits his parents at least once week and enjoys hanging out with his father, Rigoberto. Isaac and his dad play tennis, chess, ping-pong, and darts together. They also enjoy fishing. We love Adela’s, Isaac’s mom’s, cooking. It is one of the highlights of our week to visit his parents for Sunday brunch. Isaac also has extended family in Mexico and visits his grandmother, cousins, uncles, aunts in his family’s hometown of Yahualica, Mexico once every year or two.

Therese’s parents live about five hours away, so we don’t see them as often. However, we usually make it to the mountains to share a white Christmas with them. We also visit every summer. Last time, we went hiking with Therese’s dad, six of her brothers, and two of her sisters. We thought it was going to be a short walk. We ended up hiking through forests and over a mountain for seven hours. It was an adventure! Three of Therese’s brothers are married and they have twenty kids between them. Our future adopted child will have lots of cousins to play with!

Our Traditions:

  • We collect quirky Christmas tree ornaments from places we visit.
  • We throw an annual Hawaiian Christmas party for our friends.
  • We like to try different foods for Christmas. Last year, we cooked a goose.
  • We are obsessed with eggnog and make eggnog lattes for Christmas morning.
  • Therese’s family does a big Secret Santa with her parents, siblings, and sisters-in-law.
Our Family

Our Careers

Isaac is a social worker. He works with children in the child welfare system, providing them and their families with the services they need to make positive changes in their lives. He mostly works from home and has a flexible schedule.

Therese is a third grade teacher. While some days are challenging, she absolutely loves it! Her favorite classroom activities include story time, science experiments, and student skits. Once we adopt, Therese plans to stay at home with our child.

Our Home: We live in the Emerald City: Glendale, California, in the beautiful San Rafael Valley. Our home is small but it has a lot of character with a plethora of books, a tuned guitar in the living room, and Tiki mugs from around the country. A small, safe, family friendly park with a playground, tennis courts, and a baseball field is across the street from us. Sometimes we go there to play croquet.

Favorite Destinations – Local and not too far away! We can’t wait to take our child to visit these places…

  • We live 20 minutes away from Los Angeles
  • We’re just over the hill from Pasadena, Disneyland and the Pacific Ocean
  • The mountains are just a short drive away!

Before You Go: We are very happy together. We want to share our happiness and life with you and your child. After adoption, we will welcome your visits and will keep in touch. We want our child to know your love and have a relationship with you. We are excited to experience holidays, trips, and quiet moments with your child. We also want to hand on to them what we learned from our parents, like the importance of family, hard work, service, and faith.

Thank you again for reading our profile! We hope that we can provide the home you want for your child. We promise to cherish our future child and to raise them with patience, humor, and kindness. We will take them hiking, read them bedtime stories, and be present for them and listen to them. Our nieces and nephews are excited to meet their future cousin, as is our whole family! We are praying for you to have peace in whatever decision you make.

We can’t wait to join you on this journey!

~ Isaac and Therese





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