Thomas & Paige


Dear Expectant Parents,

Hello! We don’t know each other yet, but we do know this about you: there is something courageous and selfless in you, simply for considering an adoption plan for your child.

We can’t imagine any greater a gift, and we don’t take it lightly. We will do absolutely every last thing in our power to make sure your child has a great childhood and a fulfilling life.

About us, we would like you to know this: We are a strong, loving couple that believes that life is meant to be enjoyed and that people are meant to love and be loved. We value experiences, making memories, and spending time with family and friends. We couldn’t be more ready to share this wonderful life with a child! We are open to the type of relationship you prefer, no matter how close or far away you live.

MORE ABOUT US: We met at an open mic storytelling night in 2012 and were married in 2015. We have laughed together since Day 1, whether we are being silly at yoga class, hiking with friends and family, or listening to music on the back porch.

We are opposites in many ways: Paige is more outgoing, a talker, and will dance in the supermarket aisle, while Thomas enjoys small groups, thinks deeply before he speaks, and generally only dances at home. Thanks to our differences, we drive each other forward and help each other grow. However, we share the same core values and beliefs – compassion, gratitude, and an openness to life – as the foundation for our family and life together.

ON ADOPTION: In 2016, we became certified foster parents and have been blessed to be “helper parents” supporting reunification of families. We built good relationships with the parents, which helped ease the kids’ transitions home and let them know that the more people that love them and keep them safe, the better!

Now, we have closed our foster license and are tremendously excited to build our FOREVER FAMILY, with the support of not only our family and friends, but also the caring community of adoptive families we have met.

• Paige was once featured in a national newspaper for creating a non-profit program to teach yoga classes in Spanish for the immigrant community. She has also taught kids’ yoga, and kids’ yoga in Spanish.
• Every morning, Thomas has his coffee in the same chair, with our cat Mrs. McKittles on his lap. We call it “kitty in the chair time.”
• Travel is a big part of our lives, and we can’t wait to show a child that what makes this world so beautiful are our differences – in culture, language, and ways of living life – but that, at the end of the day, we all have much more in common than we do different.
• Paige has lived in Spain, France, Peru, Thailand and India! She is fluent in Spanish and French.
• A typical week usually includes walks to the local park or hiking trails, swimming in our pool with friends, a movie or game night in front of the fireplace, “kitchen table talks” (and laughs!) with Paige’s sister’s family (and all our nieces’ friends!), a few yoga classes, and lots of healthy, yummy food (and maybe a treat or two!)


Meet Paige

About Paige, by Thomas
Paige brings warmth, joy and fun into our home: she meets everyone with a smile, she drops everything to run in the rain during a desert thunderstorm, and she continually grows our village by connecting with amazing people. She is kind, accepting and non-judgmental – you can’t help but feel loved when you’re around her.

One of my favorite things about Paige is her optimism and fearlessness: to her, everything is truly possible. She can find the humor in any situation, so if the going ever gets tough, she is the person you want right there beside you.
While we were fostering, I saw how she easily connects with kids through playfulness and fun (she gives the best “airplane” rides and morning cuddles, and she can turn even a simple cardboard box into an adventure!). But she also gives them the consistency, limits and empathetic guidance they need to make good choices in life.

Paige works part-time and from home, so she has lots of flexibility for child care. She loves her job as a Spanish-English translator, which brings her passion for foreign languages and cultures into her day-to-day. She is so excited to open a child’s eyes to the wonders of this world and the people in it. I can’t wait to see her do this as a mom!

Meet Paige

Meet Thomas

About Thomas, by Paige
Thomas is the most loyal and dependable person, and he can also make me laugh so hard my stomach muscles hurt! People love to be around Thomas because he makes you feel safe to truly be yourself.

Thomas worked construction to put himself through college, and as a result he can build or fix just about anything, from home remodels to mending bicycle tires and toys that were loved just a bit too enthusiastically. He is a “fix-it man” in other ways too, always reflecting on how to meet his loved ones’ emotional or physical needs. This will make him an amazing dad for a child to have in their corner!

Thomas values security, and has worked hard in his job as a senior civil engineer to make sure we are financially stable. He works from home most days, which lets him have a great work/life balance.

From our time fostering, I know that Thomas has a special knack for bandaging “owies” (he is one calm and reassuring dude!) and that, with a child, he will nurture the same sense of curiosity, respect for others and humor that he himself has.

Meet Thomas

Our Tribe and Our Home

We have a small but close-knit family and a large and loving circle of friends. Every single one of them is beyond excited to welcome a new member to our “village”!

Almost all of Paige’s family live only 15 minutes away, which means that in addition to special occasions, we get to share in everyday life: last-minute potlucks, lazy pool days, and fun drop-ins on the way home from work or school. Our niece Olivia (who has called Paige her “Aunt Puff” since she was 4!) stays over with us often, and Thomas loves making her his famous pancakes for breakfast the next day. Thomas’ family lives in Ohio and Maine, but we visit each other several times a year.

Our family was recently enriched when Paige’s sister and our new brother-in-law, Danny, blended their families. Danny’s daughter (our new niece!) was adopted, so we have all known the wonderful blessings adoption brings.

We also have a supportive (and fun-loving!) friend group, with kids of all ages. Another couple in the group is also hoping to adopt, so there will be little ones for years to come! We’ve learned a lot from watching our friends be parents. They are caring, fun, generous, compassionate and very real. We hope to reflect these qualities when we are parents too.

We also have other dear friends from all walks of life, all around the globe. We love this diversity, since we believe it is what makes this life so interesting and fun!

Just this past year, we’ve laughed our socks off at:
• Pool party BBQs
• Kids’ movie screenings
• Water balloon battles
• Halloween shenanigans

We live on a quiet cul-de-sac, in a neighborhood with a great mix of families and ages and a playground park just one block away. It’s one of those parks where kids strike up friendships in an instant, kicking soccer balls, making sandcastles and riding bikes. We’re also near hiking trails and great schools. The community really comes together to support the schools and kids, sponsoring fun runs, barbeques and Christmas lights bicycle rides. It is an amazing place to raise children.

Inside our four-bedroom home, you will mainly find us hanging out in the kitchen/family room, making meals, having movie night, or cranking the music and having silly dance parties any time of the day! In the summer, we love to float around or have cannonball contests in our backyard pool.

Our Tribe and Our Home

As Loving Parents

We are not perfect, but we will always strive to be the best possible version of ourselves, to truly model kindness, compassion, gratitude and humility to a child.
We will encourage creativity, resilience, exploration and silliness.

Your child will be raised in a safe and loving home where they can truly be themselves. Their life will be full of adventures, playfulness and travel. They will have a good education and unwavering support in exploring their interests.

We understand the importance of heritage and would be thrilled to share in your child’s cultural values and traditions.

Most of all, your child will know you as their birth mother and that their adoption was an act of love that began with you. You will be spoken of with love and gratitude.

ONE LAST THANK YOU: We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for taking the time to learn about us. We hope this profile gave you a glimpse into the fun-filled and loving family we wish to create. No matter what you choose, we hope you have peace

As Loving Parents