Tim & Amie

Tim & Amie

We are Tim and Amie from Washington State!

We are grateful and honored that you are taking the time to learn a little more about us. We appreciate you for considering us to be a part of your journey and adoption plan. We also greatly admire your decision and believe there is no greater gift than the gift of family. We have so much love to share with a child and hope you will consider us as adoptive parents for your child.

As a couple we love to cook! Tim rarely uses a recipe when cooking, creating delicious dishes with seasonal ingredients and Amie likes to try new recipes. Together we enjoy making homemade pasta, pesto, soups and stews. We cook and entertain often; our home is known to friends and family as a little independent bistro.

We have enjoyed celebrating Christmas Day as a part of Santa Claus’ elf team at Seattle Children’s Hospital. We helped Santa and Mrs. Claus take photos and visit with the hospitalized children, their siblings and families. We treasure the Christmas memories made with Santa and his elf team.


Working on our deck in the backyard and planning to build a family cabin someday

Day hikes near Mt. Rainier and camping on the river in the Hoh rainforest, Washington

Traveling to new places, our recent favorites are Ireland and Key West, Florida

Camping and exploring the National Parks, we loved Capital Reef in Utah

Enjoying concerts at the Woodland Park Zoo and the Evergreen State Fair

Hosting family and friends for ‘make your own pizzas’ and game night

Nothing ventured. Nothing gained.
We met through a close friend who was convinced we would be perfect for each other, she was right! We share a combined love of the outdoors, Disney movies, and traveling to new destinations.

Our friendship quickly grew into a deep love and respect for one another. Amie shared with Tim that she was diagnosed with Leukemia as a child and her successful cancer treatments would not allow them to build a family on their own.

Together we are excited to pursue adoption as we prepare to celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary. We could not be more overjoyed with the opportunity to meet the mother and family of our future child.

Tim & Amie

About Amie

About Amie (And her quirky fun-loving adventurous self)
I was raised in Seattle, Washington along with my younger sister and a variety of pets. We grew up in a home full of love, laughter, and openness.

My parents taught us to try everything, learn from our mistakes and express our joy and frustrations at the dinner table. Our summers were spent backpacking around the Cascade mountains and winters spent downhill skiing. We faced every challenge head on and grew strong as a family throughout my treatment for Leukemia.

I wouldn’t trade my journey with cancer, the experience shaped who I am today, as it has shown me the many ways that I am blessed.

My natural ability to make others laugh and desire to care for those in need, especially in the hospital setting, lead to my career as a Child Life Specialist. It is my job to help children and their families struggling with painful procedures or a new diagnosis. We accomplish this through play and preparation, decorating IV poles or simply listening to hopes and worries. After working 14 years full time, I now have the opportunity to support my team as needed while Tim and I prepare to start our family.


• I lived in Auckland, New Zealand as an intern
• My spirit animals are a squirrel and a sloth, depending on the day
• We hiked a 22-mile loop with my dad in the Olympic mountains
• I love caring for the hummingbirds that live near our home
• I enjoy growing fresh herbs to use in our kitchen

by Tim

Amie is my best friend and the person I trust the most in life. Her endless energy and passion for trying new things make even the average day exciting. She makes me laugh like no one else can. I often find her in the kitchen singing to anything from the 1980’s.

Amie has a rare ability to engage with children of all ages using humor and creativity; extra giggles and joy included! She shows me often what a caring, patient, and compassionate mother she will be. Amie inspires me to the be the best version of myself and I can’t wait to join her in the adventures of parenthood.

About Amie

About Tim

About Tim (And his pursuit for happiness)
I was raised in Seattle, Washington along with my younger sister. We grew up in a loving, caring household where my Dad and Grandpa taught me the valuable skills of working with my hands. My mother taught me how to cook and be creative in the kitchen. I also enjoyed backpacking trips and earning merit badges as a Boy Scout. Whether I am working on building out the deck in our backyard, grilling a steak, or camping with Amie, I have my family to thank.

I am a naturally artistic person who is also a child at heart. I am a Senior Production Designer for Amazon which means I review Alexa-enabled Amazon hardware, like the Echo Show and Fire TV. My job will also allow me to work from home as needed.

Other ways I enjoy being creative are getting out the paint brush and creating our holiday greeting cards or driving into the mountains to take photography of the scenery.

• I was a Disney Imagineer at Disneyland
• You can still find me watching Saturday morning cartoons
• I summitted Mt. Adams in Washington state
• Sometimes I eat popcorn for dinner
• I enjoy spy novels and James Bond movies

by Amie

Tim’s laid-back personality is the perfect balance to my enthusiasm. I can share all of my joy and sadness as he is my constant source of strength and support. Tim’s optimism reminds me that together we can do anything! Although he is a kid at heart, he is a hard worker and is incredibly dedicated to his family. He makes me laugh every day and is always up for whatever crazy adventure I come up with next.

I know he will be an incredibly caring and creative Dad. Tim is already excited to build forts in our living room and camp out in our backyard with our future kiddo.

About Tim

Friends & Family

We are fortunate to live close to both sets of parents, our sisters, and their families. Most of Tim’s extended family lives in Western Washington while most of Amie’s extended family lives in Oklahoma where her parents met.

Besides spending holidays and birthdays with each set of parents, our families get together on Whidbey Island or in Issaquah to enjoy summer barbeques. Tim likes to golf with his Dad, Amie’s Dad and his uncle Woody. Amie enjoys meeting her Mom, Tim’s Mom, Tim’s sister Annie and his Aunt Sandi for lunch.

We both enjoy visiting Amie’s sister Robin, her husband Jason and their two boys, Parker and Nolan. We all love playing ‘cars and trucks’ and after our nephews are in bed, we stay for game night. We also fly to Tulsa, Oklahoma to visit Amie’s grandpa and family whenever we can. Both of our families are extremely excited to welcome a new addition to the family.

Our two cats are brothers from the same litter; they chose us as kittens in 2013. Butch is our social cat who comes when he is called and is obsessed with the laser pointer. He is a ‘tuxedo cat’ whose favorite spots are Tim’s lap or in front of the fireplace.

Squeak is our shy guy who likes to fetch a ball and cuddle with Amie. He is a grey tabby who prefers to ‘squeak’ rather than meow. They constantly make us laugh and wake us up early for breakfast every day. Children from our neighborhood love taking care of Butch and Squeak, mostly due to extra kibble and cuddles. Both boys are excited to welcome our newest addition!

Friends & Family

Our Home & Commitment to you


We live in the town of Mill Creek, Washington just north of Seattle. We live in a craftsman-style house with a fenced backyard in a quiet neighborhood. Features we love include a small play park and a short walk to the local Elementary school. Our neighbors host movie nights for the kids and everyone gets dressed up in creative costumes for Halloween—even the parents!

Our neighborhood is surrounded by a protected wetland that is home to many birds, squirrels, and rabbits. We enjoy walking to ponds and parks located near our home.

One of our favorite things about living in the Pacific Northwest is the wide variety of outdoor activities that are available to us. We are a short drive to beaches, mountains, and the country river valley. Summer camping and visiting the Evergreen State Fair are annual traditions we enjoy.

Being close to the city of Seattle is great too; we often visit Pike’s Place Market, take a ride on the ferry, or enjoy live performances at one of the many theaters. We both feel very blessed to live in a safe and supportive community, surrounded by our extended family and close friends.

We watch a few of our favorite Disney movies and whip up breakfast together, complete with Mickey Mouse pancakes!

We join family and friends on overnight backpacking trips around Washington and Oregon. The Cascade and Olympic mountains are two favorite spots.

Tim’s family gets together to swim and kayak at his parents’ home on Goss Lake.

We get together with friends and their kids for a hay ride, pumpkin picking, and a bonfire to celebrate the season.

Amie’s family gathers in Issaquah to watch football, eat black eyed peas, and share the ‘Pritchett Italian’ sandwich.

Thank you so much for taking the time to learn more about us. Our dreams of becoming a family of three are made possible by the love you have for your child. We are praying for your strength, comfort and peace of mind as you make the decision that is best for you and your baby.

To provide a safe and loving home where your child will always know they are supported.

To celebrate their adoption story and nurture the unique abilities and personality passed on from you.

Encourage them to play, laugh and cry, learn from their mistakes, and show kindness to others. And remind our child that he or she is never too old to be silly!

Your child will know the gifts of family, education, and travel; learning from other cultures throughout their lives.

To model respect, forgiveness, and compassion, and guide them to trust in God.

We will nurture their dreams and help them to succeed in whatever they choose to do.

Our Home & Commitment to you