Tim and Jeroen

Hello & Thank You

We are Jeroen and Tim from The Netherlands (a country located in Europe)!

First of all, we want to thank you for reading our profile! We feel grateful and hopeful that you are considering us to be your child’s adoptive family. We deeply admire your courage and strength in making this decision.

Our life would be complete if we could form a family together. Family is very important in our life.  Both of us have a good relationship with our own families and would also like to become parents ourselves. Adoption has always been how we wanted to build our family, and we couldn’t do it without you.

We would like to be parents of a child that we can raise together and love, and we will be the biggest supporter for your child.. It is more difficult to adopt in The Netherlands. Because of that we are grateful to be able to adopt in the United States in order to start our family.

We hope by reading this, that you see that we have a good relationship, full of trust, sociability and love.

About Us: We first met online in January 2014. After one week of sending each other lengthy daily messages, sharing many everyday and personal stories, we met in person. On our first date, going out for dinner, we immediately felt that it was a good match. After two months of dating, Jeroen asked Tim in a very romantic way to be his boyfriend.

We are both down-to-earth Dutch people and enjoy socializing with family and friends. First we celebrated our registered partnership and later our wedding. Family, friends, neighbors and close colleagues were all a part of that beautiful day. It was a day where our love was celebrated.

We like to go on vacation, we visited different places like Cuba, Greece and New York. Things we love to do together include cooking, watching movies, gardening and to go out for dinner.

Things that make us happy:
• Lazy Sundays at home (to watch movies)

  • Our cat Minoes
  • Dinner with family and friends
  • Nature walks or walking along the beach

As a couple some of our favorites are:
• Movies:

Saving Private Ryan, Titanic and James Bond

  • Types of Food:

Italian (pasta or risotto) or Dutch (kale with potatoes)

Hello & Thank You

About Tim

About Tim – by Tim: I was born in Amersfoort (middle of The Netherlands) and grew up in a nice neighborhood with my parents and brother. In April 2019 I started working as a Funeral Director. Here I have a lot of schedule flexibility which will be great when I am a new Dad! I am lucky to work close to home and to have some great friends and benefits at work. I’m blessed that I can unburden families in their time of need.

When I’m at home, I love to cook for family and friends. I also like doing odd jobs outside and being busy with gardening.

More About Tim – by Jeroen: Tim is a sweet and caring husband and you can always count on him for anything. Tim likes to take care of everyone. He can cook very well and makes delicious dishes for us, family and friends. Family and friends can sit around our big table in the kitchen and we enjoy entertaining!

I cannot imagine a better husband than Tim. We complement each other well and have so much fun together. We also work well together! Our love for each other and strong partnership makes me confident to raise a child with Tim by my side.

Tim’s Favorites:
Food: Pasta

Color: Brown

Travel Destination: Portugal

Hobby: Baking cakes

Guilty Pleasure: M&M’s

About Tim

About Jeroen

About Jeroen – by Jeroen: I grew up on a farm in Vragender, a small village in the east of The Netherlands. This is also the city where we now live together.

I worked at a consulting firm for 7 years, and then in 2016 began work as an Urban Designer at the municipality of Doetinchem (another city here in the Netherlands). I look where new buildings and functions are possible within the city. In this, I have a lot of contact with various colleagues, residents and companies of the city.

When I have a day off, I like doing odd jobs outside. We have a lot of space around our home where I can chop wood, mow the grass around our home and garden with Tim. I like photography and like to take photos during our vacations, and love nature walks close to our home.

More About Jeroen – by Tim: When I am together with Jeroen I feel the most happy and blessed person. We have such great conversations together, do odd jobs in our home together and love good food. Jeroen is a helpful and loving husband and helps me where I need it. You can find him working on house projects in his work shed, or working in the garden. Jeroen is a hard-working man, a real go-getter. I am so excited to become a father with Jeroen!

Jeroen’s Favorites:
Food: Omelet with cheese

Color: Red

Travel Destination: Greece

Hobby: Photography

Guilty Pleasure: White chocolate

About Jeroen

Our Family and Friends

Our families and friends are so excited to welcome a new child into our lives. We are so lucky to have a loving, supportive, and diverse network of family and friends! We love spending time together and make it a top priority to see each other many times a year.

Jeroen’s parents, brother and sister live very close to us. Jeroen’s parents regularly come to us for a cup of coffee. Tim’s family, parents and brother (and his family) are only an hour’s drive away. We love spending the holidays together with our families. Those are great for having big yet cozy dinners together and sharing homemade food.

We have a lot of fun with our nieces and nephew, playing boardgames, baking pies and going to amusement parks. Our nieces and nephew will be wonderful cousins for your child!

All of our family and friends know about our plans to adopt and every one of them has been very loving and supportive. Like us, they cannot wait to welcome a child into their hearts.

Family Holiday Traditions:

  • On the 5th of December we celebrate Sinterklaas, the Dutch version of Santa Claus. We celebrate this with family, presents and eat typical Dutch cookies called Pepernoten.
  • Each Easter we have lunch with our family.
  • We love to celebrate Christmas with family and friends by sharing a traditional Christmas dinner. We decorate our house with many lights and a big Christmas tree.
  • Every April 27th we celebrate the birthday of our king. The whole country turns (wears) orange and festivities and concerts are everywhere.
Our Family and Friends

Our Home & Community

We live in a beautiful, small village on the countryside of Vragender, in the east of The Netherlands. It’s nearby (10 minutes’ drive) of a larger city Winterswijk, where all the facilities are such as shopping malls, supermarkets, movies and theater.

We have a big yard, several bedrooms, a large comfy living room, and a big kitchen.

In the village everyone knows each other. It is a close community where everyone is friendly and helpful. In the village there is a kindergarten and primary school and a playground. There is a lot of nature in the area and there are various forests where the children can build huts and play. In short, it’s a perfect place to raise a family.

Meet Our Little Farm: We have a cat Minoes, a rabbit Tygo, two geese and a number

of chickens. We rescued Minoes from a shelter when we lived in Amersfoort. Cuddling with Minoes while watching TV in the evening is one of our favorite things. Tygo likes to run laps in the hutch we made for him. The two geese live around our home, in a part of the garden. And from our chickens we have delicious fresh eggs every morning. They bring so much joy to our lives. We look forward to raising our future child with our pets, and teaching them how wonderful animals are!

Our Promise to You:

  • We will create a home where your child is safe to learn, play, and grow – and make mistakes, too.
  • We will love your child unconditionally, be their advocates, teammates, sounding board and cheerleaders, no matter what kind of person they grow up to be.
  • We will seek the best possibilities for education.
  • We will teaching your child to have an open heart and an open mind.
  • We will make sure they know the story of where they came from and to appreciate the strong woman who made our family complete.

Thank You: We cannot express our tremendous gratitude for taking the time to learn more about our story and our deep passion to become parents. We are humbled that you would consider us to be your child’s adoptive family and we hope our profile shows you the kind of life we could provide for your child.

With love,

Tim and Jeroen

Our Home & Community