Todd & Sarah

Getting to Know Us

Dear Birthmother: Hello! We are Todd and Sarah from Washington State!

We can’t imagine the difficulty you must be facing in considering right now. Selecting the family in whom you will trust your child’s future is a tremendous responsibility. We know that you love your baby a great deal and it is your love that’s led you to consider adoption.

We’ve been married 12 years. We hoped to start a family after we were married, but after unsuccessfully attempting fertility procedures, we turned to adoption. Adoption is so special to our family! We adopted our daughter Melody in 2014, and our sons Jacob and Isaiah, in 2016 and 2018.

We chose independent adoption because of the options available to you as the birth mother and us as the prospective parents. It also allows for us to consider any preference you might have during this process and to create a trusting relationship between all of us.

We are excited to continue growing our family through adoption!

Getting to Know Us – by Todd: We have known each other since we were teenagers! Sarah’s brothers and I played basketball together a lot. Sarah and I had a few conversations but didn’t spend much time together. That all changed when our church’s youth groups started playing volleyball.

We both loved playing and got to know each other on the court surrounded by friends. A couple of years later we both attended a one-week camping trip and spent a lot of time together. I’d always thought she was great (and gorgeous), but that’s when I realized I wanted to spend the rest of my life with her. The night I asked I was so nervous; we went to dinner and walked the boardwalk downtown. I actually surprised her, and she said yes!

As a Family we like “in no particular order” …
• Nature walks
• Swimming
• Driving to see Christmas Lights
• Going to the Zoo
• Family dance time
• Feeding the ducks at the lake
• Weekend get-a-ways
• Going to Grandpa and Grandma’s house
• Wrestling with dad
• Trains and Ferries

Getting to Know Us

About Sarah

A Little About Sarah: I was born and raised in Tacoma, Washington with my (6) brothers and (2) younger sisters – totaling 9 children my parents raised! Being a middle child, I had the best of both worlds. I was also the oldest daughter and with that came some responsibility. Both my youngest brother and sister had special needs that gave me experience and a realistic view of what caring for children means.

Being a stay-at-home mom is really my dream come true. Our house is laid out in such a way that the kids and I can be together while they are playing; although what they really like is being a part of whatever it is I am doing around the house. Melody, Jacob and Isaiah love it when I sit down and color and do crafts with them. We all enjoy listening, singing and dancing to music together.

Sarah’s Favorite Music:
• Oldies!!!
• Pentatonix
• Hollywood Musicals – Singing in the Rain, Music Man, Mary Poppins

Sarah’s Favorite Foods:
• Fajitas
• Chips & Salsa
• Chocolate anything!

More About Sarah – by Todd: Sarah has a great sense of humor and doesn’t take herself too seriously. She is an amazing conversationalist, bringing warmth and sincerity to everyone she encounters.

Sarah is a wonderful mother, not only to our own children, but to all of the children we know. Since we’ve been married, our nieces and nephews and friend’s children have spent nights and sometimes weekends at our house many times. She really enjoys making chocolate chip pancake breakfasts for them and engaging them in conversation.

About Sarah

About Todd

A Little About Todd: I grew up in Olympia, Washington. I enjoyed playing basketball, baseball, and football with the other neighborhood kids.

At 17, I worked part time at a design/build company that specializes in remodeling commercial spaces. I really enjoyed working with my hands and being active all day. After high school I was hired full time and am now a production manager. I find training other people to be very rewarding.

I love being a dad. No matter what kind of day I’m having, coming home to Sarah, Mel, Jake, and Isaiah is the highlight of my day. The kids are usually waiting on the front porch when I get home or hiding in the house so I can come find them, it never gets old! Our weekends are usually spent on some adventure at the zoo or the Northwestern wildlife reserve that is in the area. Seeing their personalities take shape is breathtaking; I can’t wait to see them with another sibling.

Todd’s Favorite Sports to Play:
• Baseball
• Basketball
• Volleyball

Todd’s Favorite Foods:
• Breakfast: Fruit blintzes
• Dinner: Sarah’s homemade pizza with gorgonzola sauce
• Dessert: Blackberry Pie

More About Todd – by Sarah: I have loved Todd for as long as I can remember. He is a great listener and is very compassionate. In our twelve years of marriage he has nurtured and cared for me and has helped me know that no matter what comes our way, he will always be there for me and with me.

Todd is an attentive, patient, and calm dad and really enjoys our children for who they are. One of Todd’s best qualities as a dad is that he makes everything a game. Todd has made a game of cleaning up around the house and he doesn’t mind helping with the dishes or the laundry – lucky me!

About Todd

Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home: We live in a quiet neighborhood in Olympia, tucked away from the busy streets. With four bedrooms, a music room, tv room and an open living space we have plenty of room for our family and entertaining.

Our back yard has a large deck and flower beds wrapping around the house. Melody has her own raised beds to the side of our house for vegetables. We are walking distance from a beautiful park with a walking track, playground and baseball field. There are stores, schools, and a hospital all within a 5-10 minute drive from our house. Even though it rains like crazy here, Olympia is a gorgeous colorful place to live with plenty of room to stretch out. We live two houses away from Sarah’s brother and his family and we know most of our neighbors, who have kids, so there is always plenty of fun to be had.

The Tremendous Trio: Melody is a bundle of energy and excitement. She loves music, singing and dancing; but her favorite thing by far is socializing. Jacob is quite a tease, we can see his sense of humor evolving already. He enjoys puzzles, banging on his drums and fixing things with his toy toolbox. Isaiah knows what he likes and has no problem expressing that. Right now tractors are the neatest thing to him, he calls them “car car”. He looks so cute with his little legs churning, running towards Mel and Jake!

Melody, Jacob, and Isaiah do really well with each other and have bonded as siblings even with the occasional “misunderstandings” over toys or disagreements about what they want to do. Seeing them interact with each other has really made adopting another child exciting for us as a family. Knowing that they will have adoption as a common bond makes it all the more special.

Jacob’s Favorite Activities:
• Playing with his toy bow and arrow
• Building with his life size Legos
• Playdough

Isaiah’s Favorite Activities:
• Playing with our toy kitchen
• Watching tractors
• Making people laugh

Melody’s Favorite Activities:
• Having friends to spend the night
• Dress-up
• Coloring unicorns and princesses

Home Sweet Home

Our Village & Thank You

It Takes a Village: We love being able to walk back and forth from Sarah’s brothers house, and her dad and mom live about 30 minutes away in Tacoma with the rest of her siblings. There are 27 grandkids and counting! When we all get together it is crazy, and we love it!

Todd’s dad and mom live in Olympia. They have quite the wildlife in their backyard and the kids love feeding the squirrels. Todd’s oldest sister Lena lives in Connecticut, Amber in Texas, Shawn in California and Paige lives in Washington. We stay in touch through photo streams. Our family is very supportive of us adopting again and they can’t wait to welcome another child into the family!

Thank You: We understand this process can be overwhelming, so we wanted to thank you again for taking the time to get to know us better. We hope that by learning more about us we’ve piqued your interest, and a foundation of trust and respect has begun between us.

We already knew we wanted a large family and having the opportunity to adopt our children has made us clearly see that we are the lucky ones. We cannot wait to welcome another child into our home and feel blessed to have the chance to adopt again.

Our Village & Thank You