Tricia and Marc


Hello! We are Trish & Marc and our son Jack. We are so grateful for the opportunity to share our lives with you. No matter which side of adoption you are on, the road to get there is not an easy one.  It takes courage, strength, and love that many cannot understand.

We have built our lives around the importance of family and building one of our own.  We know that our family is not complete and are hopeful that you will see something in us that assures you that we would be the right adoptive parents for your child.

Our son, Jack, is a silly, warm, loving, kind little boy who makes our hearts smile. He can’t wait to be a big brother! After three years of miscarriages and IVF treatments, we knew it was time to move in the direction that life was taking us.  Marc suggested adoption before starting IVF treatments because he knew HOW we became parents again wasn’t as important as simply becoming parents again.

A Little About Us by Tricia: We met in Chicago via an online dating app. I had just moved to Chicago and was looking forward to building a new life for myself after moving from Nashville.  Marc had been in Chicago for over a decade.  After texting and talking on the phone, we finally met for dinner.  As we were leaving the restaurant, Marc told me, “that we are either going to get married or be best friends for the rest of our lives.”  We were engaged a year later, AND we’re best friends, so he was right about both!

We Love To…

  • Be outside
  • Play with Jack
  • Work out
  • Make pizza
  • Travel
  • Binge-watch new TV shows – Downton Abbey, Tiger King Joe Exotic, Arrested Development

Who We Are as Parents:

By Marc: My greatest achievement is being a father to Jack.  He and I play games, work on puzzles, build Legos, and spend time at the pool. Since Tricia works a couple of Saturdays a month it gives Jack and me the gift to have one-on-one time, which I value. It would be an honor to have the same responsibility to raise your child with the same purpose and love I put into Jack every day.

By Trish: I love spending time with Jack playing outside, riding bikes, hanging out with friends, and being with family. Building our home has been rewarding, but my heart knows that someone is missing.  I am deeply looking forward to bringing home another baby to spoil with kisses & love, to travel with & show them the whole world.  I look forward to evenings full of giggly dinners and warm baths before bed, reading books, and cuddling.



About Trish

I am upbeat, motivated, and passionate. I am often told I am “bubbly,” and that I energize others. I always find the bright side. I am the oldest of three, and since my parents divorced when I was 7 years old it has always been important to me to build a tight-knit family. Outside of my family, my second passion is my career. I run a large sales team that helps make people’s lives better through interior design. What I love most about my career is mentoring those around me.

More About Tricia by Marc: Tricia is the best listener I know. She is a bright light and cheerful person who always focuses on the positive. Tricia is the glue that holds us together. Her kindness, warm heart, and unconditional love for me are the greatest gifts in my life. She brings out the best in others.

Tricia is a loving mother, and she makes sure Jack is always taken care of.  She sets up play dates so he can enjoy time with his friends from school. I love watching Tricia play with Jack outside while he drives his car and chases her. Jack jumps up and down when he hears the garage door go up & he knows his mom is home.

Tricia’s Favorites:

  • Childhood Activity: Dancing
  • Musician: Coldplay
  • Hobby: Cycling and yoga
  • TV Show: Friends, anything on Bravo
  • Vacation Spot: Paris with my dad
About Trish

About Marc

I am passionate about my family, my career, golf, working out, and living a healthy lifestyle. Along with my twin brother I grew up in a large family and was heavily involved in sports as a child. I was a competitive swimmer growing up and loved being outside playing baseball and tennis. In college I played Lacrosse. In my free time, I love to play golf and do various volunteer work to make our community a better place to live.

More About Marc by Trish: Marc is the nicest, kindest person I know, and is always looking to do the right thing.  Marc is charming, engaging, and the introverted balance to my extroverted personality.  He makes sure that the family is taken care of whether it is making us breakfast, emptying the dishwasher, or getting Jack ready for school. Marc is devoted to Jack. They like to draw outside with chalk on the driveway, throw the Lacrosse ball, go grab donuts on the weekends & spend time working on puzzles. I know Marc will bring that same passion and pride for fatherhood when taking care of your child.

Marc’s Favorites:

  • Hobby: Golf and doing puzzles with Jack
  • Music: Country music – Sturgill Simpson
  • Food: Pizza
  • TV Show: Documentaries
  • Vacation Spot: Our family vacation home
About Marc

Meet Jack

Jack is a kind, warm, and silly four-year-old boy who is very happy and always smiling.  He loves Sesame Street, Paw Patrol, and Legos.  Jack wants to be a big brother so he can be a “helper.”  Jack loves to cuddle and read books as well as have a movie night with Mom and Dad.  Jack loves school and they call him “the Mayor,” because he is friends with everyone.

What Makes Jack Happy:

  • Legos, Policemen & Fireman Sam
  • Books – The Billy Goats Gruff and When Sophie Gets Angry
  • Donuts
  • Cookies – Oreos & Chocolate Chip – We call him “The Cookie Monster!”
  • Mom & Dad

Our Home and Community: We live in family-centric neighborhood in the suburbs of Cincinnati, OH. When you look outside you can see kids playing, parents with their children, and pets running around. We live in a four-bedroom home with a backyard where we put down a slip and slide and have friends over to play hide-n-seek.  On Halloween, all the families in the cul-de-sac build a huge fire and gather after Trick-or-Treating.  There is also an annual Sports Day & Family Fun Day for all the neighborhood kids. There is an elementary school a block away from our home, and we are close to Kings Island, The Nature Center, The Newport Aquarium, Cincinnati Zoo, and the Children’s Museum.

Meet Jack

Meet Our Family

We are so lucky to have both sets of grandparents within minutes of our house.  They all have a very active role in our lives and with Jack.  Tricia’s sister Katie likes to pick Jack up from school and have play dates with him.  Tricia’s father, Harvey, has a farm about an hour away from where Jack and his cousins like to shoot off rockets and search for reindeer.  Marc’s parents have “Donut Saturday” together once a month. On Sunday mornings the three of us all help make a big brunch and eat as a family.  We have lifelong friends who live close by; summer days and nights are spent with them at the pool.

Family Traditions:

  • During the summer, every Tuesday is “Family Night” at our swim club. We all gather to have dinner and play with the kids.
  • We have a home on the island of Martha’s Vineyard that is just off the coast of Cape Cod. Tricia’s family has been going there for 5 generations!
  • We love HUGE Thanksgivings with over 30 people. We always take long walks after the big feast as a family
  • Every December 23rd our family has a huge three-generation Christmas party where over a hundred of our closest friends and family join us. On December 24th we all gather at Tricia’s father’s house for a gag gift exchange while ordering in the best local takeout from the city.
  • We have a “You Are Special Today” plate that we use on birthdays to celebrate each other.
    • We call each other first thing in the morning and sing Happy Birthday.

Our Promises to You:

  • We are committed to giving your child every ounce of love & support so they can realize their potential and grow into the greatest version of themselves.
  • We will value your child as our own.
  • We will nurture, respect, and help them become who they are meant to be.
  • We are committed to providing every opportunity to your child.
  • They will be loved, hugged, and told how important they are.
  • Traditional values; love, respect & kindness will guide us.
  • They will know it was your love for them that brought them to our happy home.

In Closing – Thank You: Thank you for being brave, having such courage, and being so open. We could not be more hopeful about this journey. We appreciate you taking a moment to meet us and get to know us a little better.

  • Tricia, Marc, and Jack





Meet Our Family