Tyler & Nancy


Hello and Welcome! We are Nancy and Tyler from beautiful Southern California.

We are very excited and grateful to tell you about our lives and the prospect of getting to share our love with your child. We recognize the decision you are considering could be the biggest and most courageous decision of your life.

We will love your child unconditionally, give him or her every opportunity to be happy and healthy, and ensure that they know how special they are.

We can’t wait to become parents and share ourselves with this new life that you’re bringing into the world. Thank you for considering us as part of this journey.



How We Fell in Love. Love seemed to come naturally for us. On our first date, Tyler gave Nancy a jump drive filled with some of his favorite music that they later found they both liked. This led to the second date where Tyler surprised Nancy with handmade special French cookies. This helped her to begin to see that Tyler was more than just another boy. Our relationship developed quickly after that.

Fun Facts About Nancy and Tyler:
• Tyler loves the latest coffee gadgets
• Nancy is an Instant Pot guru
• Tyler played baseball, soccer, and football as a kid
• Nancy lived for a year in Japan, teaching English
• Tyler’s grandfather was the head background artist at Disney studios
• Nancy loves food, it’s all about food

What Are Some of the Things You Like to Do Together As a Couple?
We love to go to museums, concerts, and try new things. Los Angeles and Orange County offer so much to do and new things are always popping up! It’s easy to find exciting things to do like watching the latest movies, going to an art walk, and trying the latest food fad (cronuts!).

Our Favorites:
Nancy: blueberry donuts, maple bacon donut, chocolate cupcake
Tyler: peanut butter cup Ben and Jerry’s ice cream, crème brûlée, anything lemon flavored

Nancy: Shawshank Redemption and Sound of Music
Tyler: The Godfather, The Revenant, The Goonies

TV Shows
Nancy: Stranger Things, This Is Us, Flight of the Conchords
Tyler: The Simpsons, Chef’s Table, British TV shows

Holiday Tradition
Nancy: Eating turkey noodle soup the day after Thanksgiving
Tyler: Putting up the Christmas tree and decorations with Nancy

Vacation Spots
Nancy: Cinque Terre and Portland
Tyler: Rome and Yosemite Valley

Children’s Book
Nancy: The Very Hungry Caterpillar and the Giving Tree
Tyler: Where the Wild Things Are



Tyler is a patient person who is willing to take the time necessary to let people be who they are and say what they need to say. He thinks of others before himself so that he can be there for them and support them. He knows how to give a good hug if needed for support. His friends and colleagues love him and appreciate his quiet nature.

Tyler is always thirsty for new knowledge and has lots of interesting facts at his fingertips. He has always been very curious. Through travel, reading, conversing with others and being a student he tries to continue learning and growing. Tyler looks forward to sharing this curiosity with a little one.

Tyler is passionate about food, cooking, and backpacking to find the best scenic places. Many of Tyler’s hobbies take place in the great outdoors. He enjoys hiking, backpacking, and camping in the Sierra Nevada mountains and among the hills in our area – it’s a treat to spend time in nature. Running is another pastime of his and he is planning on running a 10k race in the new year.

Tyler always has a book that he’s reading – usually to keep current with his career or about British and Roman history. He is a nerd and that’s why I love him!

Tyler’s Career
Tyler works as a financial advisor helping families make decisions with their money. He finds it rewarding as he gets to meet and assist many wonderful people. It’s a job that keeps him on his toes and requires constant learning – he loves it!

Tyler’s employer is very supportive in our pursuit of adoption; he will be given plenty of paternity leave when it’s time!

Tyler’s previous career was working as a chef in multiple five-star resorts in California. He still loves to cook for family and friends. Showing others how to cook is also fun!



Nancy grew up the youngest of four sisters; her household was loud and filled with lots of activities. She is close with her sisters and nieces and nephews. The family keeps growing bigger! One of her sisters has adopted two children which has been a blessing for our families.

Nancy is passionate about living life to the fullest and enjoying every minute. Whether that means exploring our city for a new place to eat or discovering a new book. Nancy loves to travel and go hiking. One of her favorite places we have visited is Cinque Terre in Italy on our honeymoon.

Nancy is an extremely loyal person who will always be there for her friends and family when they need her. She cares deeply about her faith and how that helps to lead her through life. Nancy has helped me to become a better person by motivating him to explore my feelings and to be able to communicate them more effectively. Nancy can’t wait to add a new life to our family to love, support, teach, and cherish.

Nancy’s Career

Nancy has always loved nature and the environment so she decided to get an education in environmental studies. She now works in the renewable energy industry. She helps build solar and wind energy farms. Her job allows her the flexibility to work from home to watch over a little one. She is very passionate about renewable energy and loves her job!



Living in Southern California gives us the opportunity to be 20 minutes from the ocean and an hour and a half from the mountains and deserts. We live in Orange County, about an hour south of Los Angeles and an hour north of San Diego.

Our community is safe, tranquil, and has lots of parks down the street and friendly neighbors, We can easily visit museums, missions, the beach, parks, or see a professional sporting event like the Anaheim Ducks, the Angels, or USC football. There’s never a lack of things to do or see!

Our Dog

In 2015 we rescued a dog from the shelter and decided to keep the name that was given to him – Thomas. He has turned out to be a sweet, loving, wonderful addition to our family. He is very gentle and enjoys having his belly rubbed and chasing his toys around the house. Thomas’s best canine friend is Quinn, who looks like a bigger version of Thomas. They have so much fun together because they are both easy going and have similar personalities. We are not 100% certain what breed Thomas is, but it’s pretty clear he’s mostly poodle and very cute!

Places We Love

• Taco Mesa – It has the best tacos and burritos in the neighborhood
• Bowers Museum – We love exploring, learning about art and culture
• Hollywood Bowl and Griffith Park – The best outdoor venues for music
• Downtown Los Angeles – We enjoy finding the best coffee in town, visiting museums, and trying different restaurants. L.A. has lots of great mom and pop places to try
• Crystal Cove – Great hiking and views of the oceans along with challenging hikes
• Chunk & Chip – Sometimes you need a good ice cream sandwich on a hot day. Our favorite is snickerdoodle cookies with maple bacon ice cream.

Our Family and Friends

We are blessed to have both sides of our extended families living within 20 minutes of us in Orange County. We are able to get together with them often for celebrations, holidays, and to just hang out. They have been gracious enough to offer as much love, assistance, and support as we require while raising a baby. There will also be multiple nieces and nephews for the little one to play with!

Our Promise To You
We cannot thank you enough for reading our story. We are sending you love, prayers, and support as you make this challenging decision. We understand how complicated and difficult this world can be and commit to pour our unconditional love, support, and guidance towards your child.
We promise to be there for them through the good and the bad times. We commit to being there for them and to place their needs above ours. We will work hard to provide the best for them: from their daily lives, to their education, to opportunities to explore, travel, and make mistakes. We will encourage them to pursue their dreams joyfully!

We commit to providing a household filled with love, support, and happiness. We promise to always provide cuddles and kisses and to always love them wholeheartedly no matter what.
with love,

Tyler + Nancy