Hello! My name is Vicki from Canton, Ohio!

To Someone Special: I would like to thank you for taking the time to consider me as an adoptive parent for your child. This is a very stressful time for you I am sure.


I so admire you for looking into different ways of caring for your child. I want you to know that I also consider your child very precious. I have always wanted to be a mother but it took some time for me to realize that adoption was the best option for me!


Please understand that I take this choice very seriously and that I am eager to provide a loving home and family for your child.

There are so many wonderful adventures in life and so many amazing things to learn. I would so enjoy experiencing these adventures with a child and helping them to learn all about their new world.


As a teacher, I can help prepare a child for the world of education. This child would be the center of my life, and I’m fortunate that I no longer need to work so I can enjoy being a mom full time! I would not have to place your child in daycare.


My family and friends are eager to join in and be a part of our lives as well. As a single parent, there is no danger of divorce or separation in the future. Your child would be loved and cared for in a stable home and know what it means to be wanted and cherished.


Getting To Know Me: I grew up in a small town in Ohio near Canton, and now I live in a neighborhood outside another small community near my hometown. I like the feel of a small town with the excitement of the local high school sports games, plays and musicals and people who have known you for a long time.


I never married, and have spent my life working with children. I have been a first grade teacher and would love to dedicate my life now to caring for my own children.


I have a large family and many friends both male and female who could help provide experiences with different age groups and various races. My father died a few years ago at the age of 97. He was still going to church each Sunday up until he passed away!


My mother is 90 and still actively going to church, out to lunch, and card club! My grandparents and great grandparents lived actively into their 90’s so I foresee time to play with my grandchildren ahead of me!

As a first grade teacher I have seen how important a loving, stable home and family is for a child’s success in school and in life. I not only enjoy teaching but also playing and learning with my students as well as my many nieces, nephews, god children and friends’ children.


My goal as a teacher has always been to make childhood an enjoyable time of discovery and preparation for adulthood and I would continue this goal as a parent.


Hello! My name is Vicki from Canton, Ohio!

A Closer Look at Vicki

I love to read, play music, garden, entertain family and friends and will love continuing these activities with my future child.


Children love to celebrate and we will celebrate birthdays and the many ‘firsts’ of life such as starting school, riding a bike, losing a tooth. We can also enjoy travelling to visit family and friends—some near, some hours away.


Learning other languages has always interested me. I studied French in high school and college and can speak and read it. I am trying to learn Spanish and German now. We speak different languages to my one-year-old niece which is, I’ve heard, good for child development.


I have a piano and play nearly every day. I like all kinds of music from classical to country and I have always used many types of music in my teaching. I think music is very important for a child’s development! We will listen and play together!


Holidays have been a great way to connect with family and friends and my students at school as well. Everyone loves a celebration! My favorite as a child was Halloween because my birthday is at that time and we went trick or treating for my party!


Now I love Christmas because of the music and decorating. My father and I used to go through the woods and cut down a tree for each of our homes. Once we cut such a big tree that it knocked us down as we dragged it off the car and landed on top of us! Neighbors had to come rescue us!


I Love Being a Teacher: I have always loved teaching children! I taught second grade for a couple years but loved teaching first grade the best so most of my experience is there.


I enjoyed helping children get a positive start to their school years and learn all those important lifelong skills such as reading and math. I had some trouble with math as a child so I know what it is like to not understand and I have learned how to help a child succeed.


I have taught in the schools in my neighborhood and know all the teachers there. We have a mix of all types of children in each school and the schools provide many opportunities.


I’m so glad I can be a stay-at-home mom now so I can concentrate on being with my child all day for those early learning experiences, and also help ensure success in school.


My students and I shared a love of music, gardening, reading and art. We loved visiting the farm, zoo, and historical sites, activities I think are important for every child to experience. I would definitely want my child to enjoy these opportunities too!

A Closer Look at Vicki

My Loved Ones

Meet My Loved Ones: It’s very festive when my sister Noreen who lives near Toledo and my sister Laurel who is moving to Ohio soon come to visit. Noreen is an art teacher and she and her husband, Marty, and children and grandchildren visit often. Laurel is a physical therapist and we will see her and her baby, Hannah, more often now. My mother lives where I grew up and I see her every week. Family likes to visit, especially at Holidays. Two of my nieces now have very young children so all the cousins will welcome a new playmate!


I love to spend time with nieces and nephews. We were together so much when they were young that they called me ‘Mommy Vicki’! My greatest joy is reading with my smallest relatives and friends. I like to sew and made toy dinosaurs for our visit to the museum.


My nieces and nephews still like to visit even now that some of them are grown. I am also ‘aunt’ to my friends’ children and godmother to several! I like to cook for everyone. We travel together and watch everyone’s sporting events and recitals. Family, friends and I love to go to parks and the beach together. I have many parks, playgrounds, and hiking trails nearby, and of course the beach at Lake Erie is just an hour away.

My friends and family and I all love and care for each other’s children as if they were our own. My goddaughter’s mother often tells me that she never worries if her child gets sick at school because she knows I will come and take her home and care for her as a mother.


My Church Family: I am so fortunate to still attend the church I grew up in. Everyone has known me all my life and we are one big family. I have many close friends from church who have children and will be extended family for my future child. There will be men, women and children who care about my family as their own.


My faith is important to me. I am a Lutheran, and will raise my children to have faith in God as well, but as they grow children must be free I believe to make their own faith choices. It is important to have a foundation in faith to give purpose and meaning to life and I plan to provide this. I am very active in my church and will share with my child the importance of giving back to church and community as well as having our worship and spiritual needs met.

My Loved Ones

Home Sweet Home

I like the closeness of my small community, North Canton, Ohio, and the feel of community activities.


High school sports and cultural events are all of the things that give a child a sense of belonging. And children learn to care for others when they participate in community programs for the welfare of people, the environment, and animals.


The schools are nearby and are not overly large so give a sense of togetherness. There are children of all ethnic and economic backgrounds, so the schools, like the community, are a nice mix of all types of people.


My house is average-sized and comfortable with a great yard to play in. I have lots of flowering trees and plants. I love to garden and my neighbor’s children love to help!


My Wild Kitties: Everyone wants to play with the kitties. A stray cat came to my door some time ago with four kittens and I couldn’t turn them away. They became part of the family. Only one, Amber, is still alive but another rescued cat, Scutterbotch, is here with us too now. He was tiny but mighty when he came to live here. He would leap from the floor to the pictures on the wall and climb up and sit on top of the picture frames!


We all love our wild ones! These two keep us all entertained. Our rescues have taught us a lot about opening your door and your heart and letting love come in.

Home Sweet Home

In Closing

My Hope As A Parent: I feel I have so much to offer a child as a parent. Experience as an educator, a love for the arts and nature, and an ability to sense a child’s needs are all qualities I feel will make me a successful parent.


All the wonderful opportunities of life, the fun and exciting experiences of life, and the closeness of family, friends, Holiday traditions and celebrations big and small are the things I can’t wait to share with my child! I believe the world is a good place and I would love to see it all through the eyes of my future child!


My 12-year-old goddaughter loves to have me pick her up from school on nice days so we can play at a park. “You’ll make a great mom,” she tells me because I sympathize with her about any problems at school.


“I’m so glad you went to talk to little Isabelle when she had her temper tantrum,” my mother confided after a family gathering. “Aunt Vicki always knows how to help the little ones get over being upset.”


“You should definitely be a parent,” says my friend Kay. “You have the right touch, and every child you meet is lucky to be loved by you!”


I would like to thank you for being so thoughtful about your baby’s future. Again, I want to say how blessed I would feel to be chosen as your child’s mother and that I would lovingly raise your child to be a caring, joyful person.


Good luck to you and your child as you make these decisions for the future. Thank you for taking time to get to know me and my family.

In Closing