Vickie and Dan


We are Vickie and Dan and we are excited that you are taking the time to learn more about our family. We are a family that values include honesty, integrity, kindness, helping others, and truthfulness. Family is of the utmost importance to us and expanding our family would bring us an immense amount of happiness and joy. We are ready to grow our family to share in our overabundance of love. We hope this profile gives you an idea of who we are as people and parents.

We have been together since 2013. Dan married young and had his older boys, Alex and Justin, at a young age. He has always enjoyed being a father and having a special needs child changed his perspective of the world and taught him patience. We had a son in 2017, Logan. The brothers enjoy each other very much. Alex and Justin live in other homes.

We’re a family that enjoys board games, going for walks, video games (especially Minecraft) and movies (especially Marvel). The chaos of our family comes from taking in others to live with us at different times, including Vickie’s sister Sandy with her two kids Link and Lain and Dan’s best friend Alan. But that chaos is just another way to describe our love.

We know the joys of parenting and can’t wait to add to our family.


Timeline of Our Lives

Dan has lived in Colorado since he was a young child. I, on the other hand, moved to Colorado from Florida in 2012. We met in April 2013 and within a few weeks, we both knew we were meant to be together. We both value education and bettering ourselves. We enjoy playing board/table games, spending time with family, and watching TV and movies. Within a few months of us falling in love, I met Dan’s sons: Alex and Justin. November 2013 we moved in together which involved moving my 2 male cats into Dan’s house. Dan proposed in May of 2014 in the presence of Alex and Justin. 4 months later in September of 2014, we married in Estes Park and honeymooned in Palm Springs, CA. By April 2015 I was ready to leave my full-time job to pursue owning my own business. Between then and now, Dan, Justin, and I went on a summer trip to Florida (where my family is) and Georgia (where Dan’s family is). Then we had a wonderful opportunity when Dan was presented with a business trip to England. We packed our bags for a grand adventure. Dan received a promotion at work and in April 2020, we bought a brand new forever home. Logan immediately got a playset.


Timeline of Our Lives

Meet Dan

Dan was born in Virginia, his father being enlisted in the Navy, but his family moved to Idaho in his first year of life and later Colorado when he was 5. He has two younger brothers who are each married. Dan enjoys the Denver Broncos, computers, 3D printing, board games, video games and being a father.

Favorite things: Favorite food: Pizza with sausage, mushrooms, and jalapenos Favorite movie: Real Genius Favorite children’s book: One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish Favorite childhood memory: My first trip to Disney World Favorite things to do: Walking with Logan, watching movies, playing games

Dan’s Job: Dan is a manager of a small team of computer engineers. He started working from home in the mornings after Logan was born in order to be more involved in Logan’s life. And now works from home for the foreseeable future.

Meet Dan by Vickie

When we first met, I recognized Dan as a loving, caring and a considerate person. He was thoughtful and showed up for me when I needed him. He wanted to spend as much time with me as I wanted to spend with him. He wanted to talk to me as much as I wanted to talk to him. I heard the love he had of his sons and of being a father and that just made me fall more in love with him. I remember on our wedding day I had anxiety, not about whether or not I was making a mistake but that I couldn’t believe that this wonderful man wanted to marry me. I remember pulling my sister aside during the rehearsal to help me feel better. I wanted to make sure I married someone who was excited about being a father and wanted children. I waited a long long time to find the right person and finding Dan made the wait worth it.


Meet Dan

Meet Vickie

Vickie was born in Texas but moved to Florida as a young toddler. She is a Florida girl at heart as she still wears flip flops during Colorado’s winter. Being raised by a single mother, Vickie learned an inner strength and determination that has served her well throughout life. Some of Vickie’s fondest memories are of visiting family over the holidays and over the summer break. Vickie attended college in California, graduating with her bachelor’s degree and then moved back to Florida to complete her graduate studies. Once she finished, she worked in her field, starting her own business in 2007 and in 2015 Vickie was able to leave her full-time job to run her business exclusively. Vickie is a stay at home mother by day working evenings and weekends.

Vickie has always known she wanted to be a mother. She strives to be the best mother possible. She also decided at a young age that she wanted to adopt as she has always felt she had a lot of love to give.

Favorite things: Favorite food: Lasagna Favorite movie: Beauty and the Beast Favorite children’s book: Love You Forever Favorite childhood memory: Spending summers with family Favorite things to do: Play board games and travel

Meet Vickie by Dan

People may tell you that there is no magic in the world, but Vickie proves it exists. When she was younger her doctor told her she would be unable to have children. Through sheer determination and will she pushed and pursued any opportunity and we now have our wonderful child Logan. These same qualities drive her through life, she is a supportive, caring, and empathetic mother and wife. Even at our first date I could see and feel her confidence even if I was mesmerized by her beauty. Family is the most important part of her life and together we are determined to grow ours.


Meet Vickie

Meet Our Boys, Pets and Loved Ones

Alex, 23 years old, was involved in sports from a young age, and played football and rugby in high school. Alex lives about 30 minutes away and is currently in college and working. He visits often and likes to help with household projects. Being an older brother brings enjoyment to his life.

Justin, 21 years old, was diagnosed with down syndrome at 6 months old He struggled in early life with major medical issues but now is doing well. He participates in an extended high school experience and works at a bakery as well. Justin lives with his mother. He loves kids, animals and super heroes.

Logan is a very active 3 year old. His favorite things are family, playing, cuddling, Paw Patrol and asking questions. He enjoys video chatting with his grandparents. Grandma reads a book over video chat at nap time. Logan enjoys trips to the zoo, traveling to see his grandparents, having his cousins or older brothers over, and, of course, swinging on his playset. Logan can’t wait to be a big brother and is excited to have a lifetime playmate.

Leif, male and Yoda, male, were found by Tucker in our neighbors backyard in October 2020 at just a few weeks old. They were quite feral when they were found, one of them was attached to Tucker’s snout. They have now turned into very lively and sweet kittens.

Tucker, male, was rescued in July 2020. He has some special needs that we as a family are working on but is extremely patient with Logan, for which we are very grateful. We thought Tucker would be the last animal addition to our family.

Max, male, is the newest addition to our home. He is 4 years old and still a bit timid around other animals but he loves people.

Vickie and her sister Sandy moved from Florida to Colorado in 2012. Sandy and her kids (Link and Lain) live about 40 minutes away and Logan’s favorite thing is having his cousins over for the weekend. We always have fun celebrating birthdays and holidays together. The 3 cousins have October birthdays so we just celebrated with a Minecraft themed birthday party.

Grandma traditionally visits 4 times a year and we visit Florida and Georgia once a year. In Florida, we visit Vickie’s aunts and uncles, cousins and mom, step-parents. In Georgia, we visit Dan’s mother and step-father, aunts, uncles and cousins. We have a family tradition of getting together at our aunt and uncle’s house to decorate a Christmas Tree in honor of our cousin Hunter, who passed away at an early age. We’d have lunch and hot cocoa while telling stories of his antics and tender heart. Vickie knew even at a young age that babies were in her future. She has such a tremendous amount of love to give, that any child she holds can feel it emanating out and into their own heart.

Thank you so much for taking the time to learn about our family and our life. We are committed to being the best parents we can be striving to support our children in being their best selves, balancing dreams with reality and hard work. We can’t wait to add another child to our family and finally complete our family.



Meet Our Boys, Pets and Loved Ones