Woodie & Eunice

Hello from Woodie & Eunice in CA!

Thank you so very much for taking the time to get to know us. We know that you face a very difficult and important decision, and have deep respect and admiration for your selflessness. We have been ready to be parents for several years now and are very excited to be adopting. We hope you’ll see how much love, support, and laughter we have, and how much we want to share these with a child.

Our Story
We met on a snowboarding trip to Mammoth with friends. Woodie walked in on Eunice using the bathroom in the middle of the night, and he claims it was love at first sight, but we were friends for a year before we started dating. Eunice was living in Los Angeles, while Woodie lived in San Diego. There was a lot of driving for couple of years, until we married in 2014 and Eunice moved to San Diego.

Our playfulness keeps us laughing and happily married. We both love adventure and have traveled together to Peru, Colombia, Aruba, and multiple times to Hawaii. Weekends often mean trips to Oregon, Sedona, Vegas, Paso Robles, San Francisco, Colorado, and of course Mammoth. We envision a family that will travel the world together, eat exotic foods, and learn about many different cultures.

A Little Trivia
-Our friends call us WE
-We never miss previews because they are Woodie’s favorite part of going to the movies.
-Opposites Attract!
Woodie = athletic. Eunice = brainy.
Woodie = a kid at heart. Eunice = very responsible.
Woodie grew up in a town with one stop light. Eunice grew up in LA.

Hello from Woodie & Eunice in CA!

About Eunice

I’ve always loved children. I babysat as a teenager, worked at camps for special needs children and tutored while I was in college, and am now a child psychologist. I specialize in treating children with anxiety or depression, and am very grateful for the ability to help children who are struggling.

Close friendships and family have been a priority in my life so I talk everyday with my sister, and still talk regularly to friends from middle school and college.
I now work part-time so that I can spend more time at home as we prepare to have a family. Because I have a private practice, I set my own schedule. This means I can still do school pick-ups, help with homework, and spend lots of time with family!!

Yoga, running, swimming, snowboarding, books, hiking, cooking

In Woodie’s Words:
I call Eunice “my best bud.” She will be the most loving mother a child could ask for. I didn’t know much about psychologists, but over time I came to find out how much she cares about people. Especially children.

Eunice helps people overcome their fears and physical discomfort everyday. Kids with stuttering problems to anxiety issues to obsessive compulsive disorders, she works with them and really makes an impact on their lives. And she’s one of the best in Southern California.

About Eunice

About Woodie

I’m from a small town on the Oregon Coast where I grew up biking through fields, flying kites on the beach, camping in the woods, and lots of fishing with my father. I’ve always pictured myself raising a child who will appreciate all that Mother Nature has to offer.

I was fortunate to grow up with close friends and family, and still cherish the memories we created sitting around a campfire, roasting marshmallows and telling stories late into the night. I can’t wait to share these kinds of moments with a child!

I love surprises, such as planning secret getaways for Eunice and I, or showing up on my mother’s doorstep in Oregon for her birthday. Small surprises are fun, too, like bringing home Eunice’s favorite chocolate cake for no special occasion!

I am often goofy and not embarrassed to be silly. I almost always win the prize at work for best costume on Halloween. I actually love making costumes for all the holidays. Thanksgiving, Christmas… nothing better than bringing a smile to everyone’s face.

I am a director at a biotech company and make sure that everything in our building is always running smoothly. I have more time off for vacations than most people and make my own schedule, so I sometimes surf before work, meet Eunice and our friends for runs after work, and find time in between to work on home improvement projects around the house.

Photography, surfing, snowboarding, running, biking, building furniture, movies, home remodeling.

In Eunice’s Words:
Woodie is a big kid, full of life. He will be an amazing father. Because he is so playful, he will be the dad that draws all the other kids on the block to our house. Last Christmas, he dressed up as one of Santa’s elves and handed out animal onesies as presents to the family.

He is also extremely generous. He loves to take friends out for dinner, says yes to anyone who asks for a favor, and spends the time to find or make the best presents. He is also very nurturing. Our puppy liked sleeping on the floor when we first brought him home, and Woodie slept on the floor with him for a month until the puppy felt safe and comfortable with us. I love him for his ability to make any activity fun, his quick wit, and his extraordinary, caring nature.

About Woodie

Our Home, Everyday Lives & Adventures

Our home is 3 miles from the beach, where we spend much of our time. Parks, swimming pools, and some of the best schools in the state are just a few blocks away. There are lots of families, restaurants, events at the beach, and beautiful parks. We have a very big backyard where we will set up a mini-playground with swings and slides.

We take our stand-up paddleboards to the beach, paddle up and down the coast, then take a nap on the sand before grabbing fish tacos on the way home. Woodie has surfed for many decades, in many different countries, and has an impressive collection of surfboards. He dreams of having a child he can take to the beach, and teaching him or her the secrets of surfing.

We run or bike by the beach several times a week. We love having dinner with friends, going to the movies, playing with our dog Remi, hiking, and having leisurely breakfasts.

Eunice likes making home-cooked meals. We have dinner together most nights, and get cozy on the couch afterwards to watch our favorite TV shows.

Our Adventures
We’ve hiked the mountains in Peru, swam with sea turtles in Hawaii, paddle boarded in Aruba, camped along the California coast, and seen the cherry blossoms in Japan. We often shout “Adventure!!!” to each other because adventure has become a way of life for us, and we want to share that with a child of our own.

Our Home, Everyday Lives & Adventures

Our Family, Friends & Closing Thoughts

We each have a younger sister, who are our best friends. Eunice’s sister (Karen) has an adorable toddler (Natalie) and we often babysit on the weekends. Our parents are retired and always eager to help with grandkids.

Remi, our dog, is one year old and full of puppy energy. Our niece’s favorite activity is playing with him. Even when she’s pulling on his hair, he’ll lick her face and wag his tail. He gets so much attention when we take him out, and so many people asking to take a picture with him, it’s like walking with a celebrity!

Closing Thoughts
Thank you for reviewing our profile. Our promise is to be parents who provide unconditional love and support, surrounded by family and friends, and give a child the opportunities to pursue whatever he or she desires. We also promise to have lots of music and dancing, a balance of work and play, and many adventures.

Becoming parents is our first priority, and we hope we get the opportunity to show you how much we can offer a child.

Our Family, Friends & Closing Thoughts