Xavier & Bibiana

About Us

We met in August 2000 in Mexico when a friend of Bibiana’s, who is Xavier’s cousin, introduced us. We clicked instantly and felt an immediate connection. Xavier was living in Houston, TX and working for an airline company, and Bibiana used to go to Houston very often with her parents so we spent that night talking and making plans to go out on her next visit.


The next month Xavier flew back to Mexico to see Bibiana, and we started dating. We dated for almost four years, living in two different countries, but we spent hours over the phone taking every single day! Xavier flew to Mexico once a month, and every time Bibiana went on vacation with my family, Xavier met Bibiana!

We share the same values and beliefs; we love each other and want the same in life.

We were married in May 2004 in Mexico surrounded by our family and all our friends.


We lived in Houston, TX for seven years, where our life together was filled with new friendships, adventures and an unbreakable love for each other. We traveled all over the world. We love to explore new countries and traditions, eat new food, and get lost in a completely new city surrounded by old history. We are always planning new trips. Our favorite vacation spot is Paris, but we also enjoy trips to the beach, where we want to take your child.



Almost two years ago Xavier started working for Nestle, and was promoted and transferred to Northern California. We love where we live now. We enjoy the outdoors and our weekends are full of plans and road trips to the different places in the Bay Area.


We have had a wonderful life together but having a family is the only thing we need to complete our happiness. We tried naturally for years, but we weren’t successful. We know adopting is the path meant to us.


“We will treasure every moment we spend with your child”


About Us

Meet Bibiana (Written by Xavier)

Since the moment I met her, I knew she was the one.

She is a fighter and a strong woman; when she has something in mind, there is nothing in her way that can stop her. But at the same time, she is loving, kind and giving.

For her, family comes first; she loves going on vacation with her family. For the way she is with her niece and nephews, I can say she is going to be a great mom.

She always makes sure our home looks perfect and spent one year decorating it! When I get home from work, she is always waiting for me with a hot dinner on the table.

She cares about animals and nature, so she does her part donating to The World Wildlife Fund, to The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals and to The Sierra Club.


Being with you is to want you to be happy, and to have your every wish and dream come true”


Her Favorite Things:

Spicy tuna sushi roll

Skiing and jogging

Reading classics and historical novels

Traveling to a new city

Godiva Milk Chocolate Bar

Banana bread pudding

Watching The Big Bang Theory and Downton Abbey

Her biggest passion is history!


Bibiana’s major is Finance, but when she got married she wanted a work flexible hours in order to spend time with Xavier. She was the “Accessory Specialist for Men’s and Women’s” at a retail store until she moved to California. Currently she is not working because she wants to be a full time mom!

Meet Bibiana (Written by Xavier)

Meet Xavier (Written by Bibiana)

Xavier is my best friend, the love of my life and my lifetime partner. I can’t imagine my life without him. He makes me want to be a better person. He has a very warm personality and a big heart; every person who knows him says extraordinary things about him. He is always happy, thinks the best of everybody and likes to make new friends.

He is a hard worker and he takes pride in what he does.

I feel lucky to have found him because he loves me unconditionally and understands me completely. I know he will be the best dad a child can have!

“Having to know him is to know somebody special, someone with a warm way of making life especially nice for others”


His Favorite Things:

Watching movies and sporting events

Working out

Taking road trips

All sports

Strawberry & banana ice cream

Mexican food, especially fried chicken tacos

Tres Leches Cake

Going to the beach




Xavier works for Nestle and he does all the financial planning and forecasting. He is really good with numbers and loves his job. He has some flexibility and can work from his home office when it is necessary.


Meet Xavier (Written by Bibiana)

Our Family & Home

Bibiana’s family lives in Mexico but she calls her parents and her only sister, who has three kids, almost every day. She is very close to her family, and she has their unconditional support and love. Also she has a large extended family of aunts, uncles and cousins.

Xavier’s parents also live in Mexico. He has two sisters, the oldest lives in San Diego and has two daughters; the youngest lives in Houston and has a ten-month old baby girl.

Our families are very excited to welcome a new member!


When we moved to the Bay Area, we bought our home with the hopes to start a family soon. Our small city is very family-oriented and outdoorsy and has top-rated schools in the area. Our home is in a gated community; there are many kids of all ages, it has beautiful green areas, a gated pool and a BBQ area.


Every Saturday Xavier makes breakfast and over a cup of coffee we make plans for our weekend together. We run errands in the morning and later in the day we go to the movies, meet with friends or pack for a weekend getaway.

In summer our friends have BBQs in their backyard!


Our Family & Home

Our Hopes and Dreams

From the moment we held your baby in our arms we are going to loved him/her unconditionally. He/She will be our angel who came to bless our home and complete our happiness.

We will teach your baby good morals and values, and his/her education will be our priority.

We will be next to him/her every step of the way to help him/her to reach his dreams.

Every night we will tuck him/her in bed, and will give him/her a good night kiss.

We will fill your baby life with love, kindness and funny adventures.

We want to celebrate his/her birthdays with theme parties.

We want to take him/her to Lake Tahoe to go skiing with our niece and nephews. Also, we want him/her to go to our family’s beach house, where we get together on holidays, and all of our cousins’ kids play and have fun.

Our biggest dream is to make your baby happy!



Having a baby will change our lives for good, we are very excited of becoming parents, and we would love to become your child’s adoptive parents.

Thank you again for taking the time to read about us. We know it has not been easy for you, but we both want the same for your baby, a loving and caring family.


Our Hopes and Dreams