Zach & Nik

Hi, We are Zach and Nik

Hi, we are Zach and Nik from Santa Monica, California! We cannot thank you enough for considering us as potential fathers. We are humbled by your courage, strength, and selflessness to consider adoption, and we are so excited to potentially embark on this journey together with you.

As you learn more about us, we hope you’ll get a sense of the LOVE we have for each other and the central role of FAMILY in our lives. Above all, we hope you’re able to tell how excited we are to add to our family of three!

Thank you again from the bottom of our hearts.

Our Story (so far)

Our love story starts nine years ago, when, through the help of a mutual friend (and Twitter!), we first met and fell head over heels for one another. We lost no time bonding over our many common interests — by the end of the first week, we had already been on four dates!

We haven’t slowed down at all over the last nine years. We have discovered shared passions (cooking, music, and theater just to name a few), traveled across the globe, rescued two amazing dogs, and welcomed a beautiful daughter. We have a relationship built on respect, honesty, and friendship, and it is made so much stronger by our different–but compatible–personalities and points of view. It’s also a relationship that has been supported and nurtured by our incredible family, as well as a large circle of friends. We have built a life together that is full of laughter, adventure, and a ton of fun.

In 2015, just days before same sex marriage was legalized nationwide, we were married in front of our family and close friends in an intimate beach-front ceremony in Hawaii. Almost exactly a year later, we were overjoyed to welcome our daughter, Norah. Parenthood has brought us even closer as a couple, and Norah has brought us–and our family–unimaginable joy.

Hi, We are Zach and Nik

Meet Zach!

Zach is a typical Midwesterner — he is charming, polite, and probably the friendliest guy you’ll ever meet. He was born in Detroit, Michigan and moved to Los Angeles ten years ago. He is a tech wiz (thank goodness one of us is!), an incredible musician (he sings with the Gay Men’s Chorus of Los Angeles!), and a phenomenal cook (he is the reigning brisket cook-off champion of the family!). He is also spontaneous, goofy, and an eternal optimist.

To Norah, Zach is “Abba” (which means “dad” in Hebrew).

Zach works as a real estate agent in one of the largest real estate markets in the country. It’s a job that showcases many of Zach’s best qualities, including his ability to work as a team, his creativity, and his skill for telling a good story.

Zach Through Nik’s Eyes

It’s been a running joke for our entire relationship that Zach has the world’s best luck. Tickets to a concert that has been sold out for months? No problem. Perfect parking spot at the crowded grocery store? You got it. The secret is, though, I am the luckiest guy on earth. Never could I have imagined that I’d be so lucky to marry a man as loving, generous, and kind as Zach. He is hilarious. He is smart. He loves deeply and unconditionally. He will strike up a conversation with anyone who will listen, and he always puts the needs of our friends and family before his own.

He is adventurous (seriously, the guy will do or eat anything at least once!), and in turn, he has helped me to take greater risks in my own life than I ever thought possible. He never gets frustrated when tackling a challenge; he always finds a solution without losing his cool.

As a father, Zach has amazed me in ways I never knew possible. He is sweet, doting, and unbelievably patient. He is never afraid to be goofy or to get dirty. He gets excited about every milestone and looks for every possible way to support Norah in her development. Norah’s eyes positively light up when Zach walks into a room. Indeed, watching Zach interact with Norah has made me question whether I really can lay claim to the world’s best luck; with Zach as her “Abba,” I’m pretty sure that title is held by Norah.

Meet Zach!

Meet Nik!

Nik is a native Southern Californian — and it shows! Although he did spend four years in New England for college, Los Angeles sunshine is in his blood. He loves spending time with his family, staying active, cheering on his hometown sports teams (the UCLA Bruins and LA Kings are his favorites!), and giving Zach a run for his money in the kitchen (Swedish pancakes are his specialty!).

He is the planner in our relationship, and he loves putting together all of our travel itineraries. He’s also a bit of a “nerd” and hopes to instill in our children his passion for learning!

To Norah, Nik is “daddy.”

Nik works as an attorney at Warner Bros. in the studio’s merchandise division. Hey, even Batman needs a lawyer, right? A big perk of his job: the endless supply of superhero toys for all of the little ones in our lives!

Nik Through Zach’s Eyes

Describing Nik is easy for me: a gentle man with kindness in his heart. Nik is the kind of guy all guys strive to be like. He’s sweet. He’s charismatic. And he can carry a conversation with ease thanks to his vast knowledge of all things pop-culture! He is a whiz at trivia and strategy games and is one heck of a competitor (and almost always wins!). He loves all things sports and enjoys a good game of paddle tennis with me and his family.

He also knows the importance of balancing competition with cooperation; it’s what makes him such a good husband and friend. He is definitely the more studied of the two of us, having graduated as the Valedictorian of both his high school and college classes, although he never boasts about it (a nod to another of his great qualities: modesty).

Nik has the most infectious smile — it’s the first thing I noticed when we met. It’s the kind that sweeps me off my feet and washes away all my worries and cares. And if you haven’t already gathered from the pictures, he’s remarkably dashing, too! Nik has a wonderful sense of humor and is always able to make me and everyone else in the room laugh.

Nik is the most involved, loving father I could ever imagine. As a dad, Nik is attentive, organized, and open-minded. He also makes sure Norah is always stylishly dressed! Nobody can make Norah laugh like Nik. He and Norah share a love for story time (he can’t resist reading in funny voices) and Norah squeals with delight whenever she and Nik play hide-and-go-seek. I am so proud to call Nik my husband, and Norah is so lucky to call him “daddy.”

Meet Nik!

Our Family and Community

Family is the single most important thing in our lives. Without a doubt, our large, loving, and supportive family has shaped who we are as individuals, as a couple, and as parents. They have embraced their roles as aunts, uncles, and grandparents with tremendous passion, and they all play an active role in Norah’s life (after all, it really does take a village!). And, while we are so lucky to have Nik’s family close by (his brother even lives on our street!), we are able to see our whole extended family often–whether on trips to Michigan for holidays with Zach’s family, visits to the family beach house in Santa Barbara, and even international vacations to visit Nik’s sister in Israel!

Our Daughter

Norah is a smart, curious, hilarious, and sweet toddler. She loves to read, ride her scooter, and play in the water. She would be perfectly content to play on the swings all day if we let her. She can also probably recite all of “Moana” from memory (what can we say, the girl’s a fan!). Like her parents, Norah is so excited to add to our family and will no doubt be a loving and protective big sister.

Our Pups

Our dogs, Joey and Phoebe, may or may not be named after characters from one of Nik’s favorite TV shows, Friends. What is clear: they love to snuggle, chase squirrels, and run for hours on the beach. But most of all, they bring so much joy to our lives. Joey and Phoebe love children and are amazing, gentle, and patient big sisters to Norah (who ADORES them).

Our Community

We live in Santa Monica, California — a beautiful beach town near Los Angeles. We live across the street from a gorgeous park, which houses a branch of the public library, a youth center, and our weekly neighborhood farmers market.

We are also down the street from one of the best elementary schools in the city and just a 5-minute bike ride from the ocean. Santa Monica has everything that a big city has to offer but with the sense of community that only a small town can provide. In short, it’s a perfect place to raise a family.

Our Family and Community

In Closing

To Our Future Child We Promise:

● To love you unconditionally
● To be your biggest advocates and cheerleaders
● To provide you with every possible advantage
● To instill in you an appreciation for exploring the globe, experiencing the arts, enjoying great food, and learning about diverse cultures
● To empower you with the confidence to speak up for yourself.
● To allow you to make mistakes — and to learn from them.
● To teach you to celebrate–not just tolerate–people of different backgrounds, opinions, and ideas
● To share with you our admiration, respect, and appreciation for the woman who brought you into this world


Nik and Zach

In Closing