How to Get Started

How to Get Started

3 Easy Steps to Our Program

  1. Submit your information to us. Call us at: 877-903-PLAN (7526) or fill out the form below!
    We are available 24/7 to assist and answer your questions at any point during the pregnancy. It is never too early or too late to begin your adoption plan with Adoption Planners!
  2. Choose the adoptive family for your baby. We have many pre-screened adoptive families for you to choose from!
    We have families open to all types of situations, whose greatest wish is to become parents. If you are looking for something specific in a family, please let us know!
  3. Get the assistance you need. Our expert case workers are here to help you create an adoption plan based on your needs.
    We provide financial assistance for housing and other living expenses, as well as counseling if desired. You make all the decisions, and we’ll handle all the details.


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