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Josephine Shares Her Adoption Story

Hello. My name is Josephine. I am a birth mother and I recently placed my baby for adoption.


When I found out I was four months pregnant, I was devastated. This news was not good news in my situation. I became instantly confused, angry and scared. I kept repeating to myself, “Why me? How could this happen? What will I do?”


After all of the denial, reality set in. I needed to make an important decision. Nobody knew I was pregnant, except my boyfriend and me.  I thought about terminating the pregnancy. But as soon as that came to mind, I rolled into tears. I could not take a life just to make mine better. You see, I have two beautiful children. I could barely meet their needs.


A month went by and I knew I didn’t have much time left. I was starting to show and I needed a plan for the future of this unborn child and for myself.  I was alone one day, going over everything aloud in my mind. I knew this was the best decision I could make and would most benefit this child.


I needed to determine whether to have an open adoption or closed adoption. Everyone has different feelings about this subject. Whichever one you feel comfortable with is the right one. I felt that an open adoption would be the best way for me to go because I wanted to meet the adoptive parents.


Once I was sure of my decision to place, it was time to pick the adoptive parents. The first couple I saw, I knew they were the perfect mommy and daddy for this little one.


Time has passed and I have made it through the healing period. I’m meeting the goals I made while pregnant. I can honestly say “I did the right thing.” I’m happy and I am moving on. Most of all I will always remember the joy on my adoptive parents’ faces when their dreams of having a child finally came true.


In this journey, keep in mind you are not giving up a child. Instead, you are giving a gift!  An awesome gift of “Life” to people who are missing the one thing that only you and I can give.