Adoption Lawyers vs. Facilitators vs. Agencies

Adoption Lawyers vs. Facilitators vs. Agencies

Adoption Lawyers are professionals who are hired to handle the legal process of adoption. An adoption attorney can handle every aspect of an adoption plan including ensuring that all laws are followed and the adoption is finalized by a court.  Adoption attorneys are licensed and regulated by the state bar.  In many states, a woman placing a child for adoption must be represented by her own attorney, which is a different attorney from the attorney who represents the adoptive parent(s).  It is customary that this expense is completely covered by the adoptive parent(s).

In a private independent adoption handled by a licensed attorney, a woman places her baby directly with the adoptive parent(s) and custody of the baby is directly transferred to the adoptive parent(s) who take the baby home from the hospital.  Attorney-assisted adoption usually gives the parties the most flexibility in creating a private adoption plan.

Adoption Facilitators are individuals who are not typically licensed to perform or complete adoptions.  Rather, they are matchmakers who help women placing a child for adoption and prospective adoptive parent(s) meet each other.  Adoption facilitating is not legal in every state. When using a facilitator in an adoption, it is necessary to hire an attorney or agency to complete the adoption.

Adoption Agencies can be public agencies, (such as county or state offices) or private agencies, (which are licensed by the state where they are located). In a private agency adoption, the woman places her child into the legal custody of the agency and then the agency places the child with the adoptive parent(s) selected by the woman placing a child for adoption.

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