Old School vs Modern Adoption

Old School vs. Modern Adoption

In the early days of adoption, placing a child for adoption was a secretive process because women were looked down upon if they had premarital sex.  All adoptions were closed and there was a great deal of shame associated with adoption because it was considered by most to be taboo.  As a result, most women who placed their children for adoption ran to maternity homes or dorms run by religious organizations to place their baby for adoption.  These women were unable to select the adoptive family or have any control over the amount of information and contact they wanted.  A lot has changed since then.

Today, those old judgmental beliefs are thankfully gone.  Modern adoption is a beautiful process where women with an unplanned pregnancy choose to place their baby with a family they select.  Currently, one in eight couples are unable to have a baby so the options for selecting a great family are endless.  In modern adoption, the woman placing a child for adoption maintains 100% control over the process and creates a customized adoption plan.  This includes choosing the family as well as selecting how much contact she wants with the family both before and after placement.

Adopted children today grow up knowing the amazing story of their birth parent(s) and adoptive parent(s) coming together out of love for them to ensure a loving and supportive childhood.  Research shows that adopted children placed through modern adoption methods thrive more than other children.  This is because the placing parent(s) and adoptive parent(s) have the ability to get to know each other during the pregnancy and they can share important information and create the perfect situation for the child.  It is rare to step into any classroom in the United States today and not have at least two students who are adopted and want to share their special adoption story.  Times have changed and modern adoption is something everyone involved can feel great about.

Open vs. Closed Adoption

In an adoption, there are varying degrees of openness that you and adoptive parent(s) can choose. Only you know what feels most comfortable for you and your situation. Some women are not interested in knowing or choosing the adoptive parent(s), while other women cannot wait to create a relationship with their child’s future family.

In an open adoption there is at least the exchange of information between the woman placing her child for adoption and the adoptive parent(s). Openness can mean a variety of things.  They can communicate through telephone, e-mail and/or meet in-person. If everyone agrees, contact can be maintained following the birth and placement of the child.

A closed adoption means there is not and will not be any contact between the woman placing her child for adoption and the adoptive parent(s).

There are wonderful families waiting to adopt.  We will help you build and maintain whatever type of contact you desire with the adoptive parent(s).

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