Your Adoption Plan

Your Adoption Plan in the 1st Trimester

When you first discover you are pregnant, it can be very confusing and difficult to decide what option is best for you. If you are considering adoption, your first step is to gather information to help you decide if this is the right choice for you.  Please feel free to call us at 877-903-PLAN (7526) with any questions you have.

Upon your request, we will send you an information packet that will explain to you how our program can assist you and what services are available to you. The packet also will include documents for you to complete and return to us, along with a photo and a proof of pregnancy. We will provide a return envelope so that you do not have to pay for this.

We will let you know once we have received your information and if we have any questions. Always feel free to ask us any questions you have.

At this time, we will request medical records for any prenatal care that you have received. If you do not have medical care or coverage yet, we will assist you in starting your medical care.  Everything you do with respect to the adoption is confidential.

Your Adoption Plan in the 2nd Trimester

If you have received an information packet but you have not yet sent us your information, please send it in as soon as you feel comfortable.  This way we can start working with you on your adoption plan.

If you have not received an information packet, that is not a problem.  We can send you a packet at any point during your pregnancy.

Once we have your information and medical care has begun and/or continued, we will maintain contact with you throughout your 2nd trimester.  We will answer any questions you have and we will also begin discussing your criteria for the adoptive parent(s).

Towards the end of the 2nd trimester, we will send you adoptive parent(s) profiles.  These profiles were created by our adoptive parent(s) so you can learn about them and the life they can offer your child.

Your Adoption Plan in the 3rd Trimester

It is never too late to make an adoption plan.  If you have not contacted us and you are in labor, this is not a problem.  Please contact us and we will discuss how open or closed you would like the adoption, and then discuss the type of family you would like for your baby.  We will get a family to the hospital as soon as possible.

If you are in your 3rd trimester and awaiting your due date, once you have provided us with all of the necessary information, you will choose adoptive parent(s) for your child. This is done by reading the adoptive parent(s) profiles that we send you to review.

Once you have chosen adoptive parent(s), we will contact them to share that you have selected them. The next step is to arrange a phone call between you and the adoptive parent(s).  If you feel comfortable with the choice you have made, we will proceed with your adoption plan with the family you have selected.  If you do not feel comfortable, we will continue to help you find the right adoptive parent(s) for your child.

Once you are matched with adoptive parent(s), you can receive pregnancy-related living expenses, if allowed in your state. This can be rent, groceries, utilities and maternity clothing.

From the time you are matched to the time you deliver, you may choose to meet the adoptive parent(s) in person but you will likely maintain a phone and/or e-mail relationship.

We will begin preparing the necessary legal paperwork and maintaining contact with you and the adoptive parent(s).  This will include creating your placement plan as well as your hospital plan.  The placement plan includes having you meet with a social worker in your area to learn and understand your rights.  The hospital plan includes contacting the hospital you plan to deliver.

When you go into labor, we ask that you go to the hospital first and foremost! You can call our office on the way or once you have arrived at the hospital. You may also contact the adoptive parent(s) at this time or we would be more than happy to contact the adoptive parent(s) on your behalf.

Once you go into labor, we will contact the staff at the hospital to inform them of your hospital plan so everyone is on the same page.

Typically on the day you are discharged from the hospital, you will meet again with the social worker to sign the necessary legal documents in order to make the placement happen. The baby is generally discharged to the adoptive parent(s) from the hospital. We will make sure that you have a ride home from the hospital.

If allowed in your state, you may continue to receive pregnancy-related living expenses following the birth of the baby. This varies in each state and for the type of delivery.  We will discuss these details with you once we know your situation.

After placement, you are able to receive picture and letter updates from the adoptive parent(s) regarding the child, if desired. This is done through our office and if you feel comfortable we encourage you to participate in this program.  We also can discuss and assist with additional types of contact if you would like a more open adoption.

We are here to answer any question you have throughout every phase of your pregnancy and throughout the adoption process. Please do not hesitate to contact us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by calling 877-903-PLAN (7526). 

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