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Why Birth Mothers Choose Adoption

A recent study showed what is important to a woman who is trying to decide if adoption is the right choice for her. This, of course, can be a difficult choice to make.

95% of birth mothers found that being able to select the adoptive parents for her child to be most important. Paired with that is being able to talk and email with, as well as meet the adoptive family prior to the birth of the baby.

Birth mothers also felt having access to counseling and receiving updates, such as pictures and letters, from the adoptive parents as next important. Being able to create an adoption plan that makes a birth mother feel comfortable is also of great importance.

Making sure that a birth mother feels good about the family she is placing with, that she can get to ask them any questions she has and can meet with a counselor following the placement can truly help a birth mother to feel good about choosing adoption for her child.

Choosing an Adoptive Family

Besides making the decision to place your child for adoption, choosing an adoptive family or parent for your child can be one of the most difficult decisions to make.

Some birth mothers base their decision on their own interests and hobbies (if they love nature, they may want a family who loves to be outdoors). Other birth mothers might choose adoptive parents based on their ideal family.

It is important that a birth mother feel good about the adoptive parents she chooses. As a birth mother, you should read parent profiles and look at the pictures of the adoptive parents.  Ask your adoption caseworker any questions you may have about your favorite adoption profiles. Make sure that what you envision in your adoption plan (some examples might be talking on the phone during the pregnancy, meeting in person, picture and letter exchange after placement) matches that of the adoptive parent(s), as well.

Most birth mothers feel a sense of calmness – even excitement – when they know they have chosen the right adoptive family for their child.

Adoption can be a difficult process, but knowing that you are placing your child with an adoptive family or parent who you have personally chosen can make all of the difference in your overall adoption experience.