Alex and Matias

Dear Birth Mother

Hello and thank you for learning about us! We are Alex & Matias from San Antonio, Texas. We’d like to start by thanking you for considering us to be your child’s adoptive family. We are honored.

We both come from big loving families and starting a family of our own has always been the most important dream in our lives. We want to adopt because we feel we have so much love to give, and we know that we’ll provide your child with all the love, laughter, and attention they need.

About Us: We met while living in West Virginia, where Matias was studying for his Masters. Our first date was at a Mexican restaurant, where we both had fajitas. After dinner we had chocolate ice-cream and walked along the river. One year and many fajitas later, Alex proposed to Matias. Matias was not expecting it, and he was speechless!

Soon after that, we moved to Texas. We had a small wedding at the beautiful Riverwalk in San Antonio. Alex promised Matias a life full of love, adventures, and food. Matias promised Alex a life full of love, made up songs, and potato chips. We were joined by friends and family from the US, Mexico, and Argentina. An unforgettable day!

We are fortunate to have wonderful loving and caring families in the USA, Mexico, and Argentina. Traveling to see them is always the most fun time of the year. We love walking with our dog, Bruno, and visiting parks and the outdoors. We enjoy hosting friends and family and cooking for them. Going to the movies is a must! Particularly when new superhero movies come out! After a long day of work, we wind down by playing video games, cooking together, or watching reality TV shows.

Fun Facts:

Best Random Talent

  • Matias: Star Trek Trivia
  • Alex: Identifying flags

Never Learned To…

  • Matias: Dive into the pool
  • Alex: Drive stick

Childhood Dream Job

  • Matias: Astronaut
  • Alex: Doctor

Fave Childhood Cartoon

  • Matias: Jem and the Holograms
  • Alex: Thundercats

Spice Tolerance Level (1-10)

  • Matias: 1
  • Alex: 8
Dear Birth Mother

About Matias

Meet Matias: I was born and raised in Argentina as the third child of four. I come from a family of educators. My grandparents, my parents, all of my siblings, and I are teachers. I studied English in college to become a teacher and I taught children in my hometown for 10 years. In 2014 I came to the US to continue my education and I have been teaching Spanish in American universities ever since. My job gives me the flexibility to teach online and spend more time at home.

I enjoy science and I look forward to stargazing with our future child, or having science expeditions in the yard, like I did with my younger sister, nephews and nieces.

About Matias by Alex: Matias is the kindest and most thoughtful person I’ve ever met. He is always looking for the perfect gift for others. Last Valentine’s Day he made the cutest book for me with our favorite phrases, shows, and quirky moments in life. If I have a bad day at work, he will go out of his way to make my day better. When I am sick, he will drive to the furthest side of town to get my favorite tacos to make me feel better. I could say that every day that I spend with him I fall more in love. I know that our future child will be loved and cared for, and that Matias will teach them something new every day.

Some of Matias’ Talents:

  • Knowing how magicians do their tricks
  • Making up songs while asleep
  • Coming up with new nicknames for our dog
  • Remembering when to change the water filters
About Matias

About Alex

Meet Alex: I was born in California, but I grew up in a small town in Mexico. As a child, my three siblings and I spent many summers working at my family’s farm. One of my fondest memories is seeing my great-great- grandma making tortillas for us while she watched tv during the evenings.

I was blessed with the opportunity to pursue my dream of becoming an engineer thanks to the support from the Bill Gates Foundation. After working in the aerospace and mining industries, I became a university professor. I work with many teachers and schools to bring engineering to their classrooms. I am also a big history nerd and enjoy going to museums around the world, watching documentaries, and getting better prepared for trivia night. I cannot wait to travel and make education fun for our future child.

About Alex by Matias: Falling in love with Alex was so easy! He’s smart, kind, and thoughtful. He’s passionate about his job and the education of his students. He’s incredibly committed and focused. Every single goal he sets his mind to, he accomplishes. He never seizes to surprise me. One of his latest accomplishments is working together with PBS to bring engineering education to children in Spanish.

In addition, over the last year, he has become a top-notch chef and baker. Every weekend he tries something new. Either something he saw on the Great British Bakeoff, or a creation of his own. He’s always texting with my mom to exchange recipes and pictures of food! I can’t wait for our child to become his little helper in the kitchen!

Some of Alex’s Talents:

  • Finding the best discount coupons
  • Pretending to speak and sing in Italian
  • Getting things done over the phone
  • Forgetting when to change the water filters
About Alex

Home and Community

Our Home and Community in San Antonio, Texas: We made the move to San Antonio, Texas in 2021 to be closer to family and explore new career opportunities. We have a spacious home in a family friendly neighborhood. We are surrounded by several parks and trails, and we are not too far from other big cities like Austin and Houston. Our neighborhood is in one of the best school districts in San Antonio. There are always fun things to do around the city like the farmer’s market, cultural festivals, walking along the Riverwalk, or going to Six Flags. San Antonio is a fantastic multicultural city. It’s family oriented and the perfect place to raise a child.

We’ll Teach Your Child:

  • Respect for all
  • Patience
  • A sense of adventure
  • Family values
  • Foreign languages

Meet Bruno: Bruno is a miniature schnauzer that we rescued while living in San Diego, California. As soon as we saw him online, we ran to the rescue group that had him and brought him home with us. He’s the most loving and playful dog we’ve ever known. He loves meeting people (and their dogs), and he loves playing with kids. His favorite snacks are avocados and peanut butter. He rarely barks and we know he’ll be wonderful with our future child!


Home and Community

Our Family

Much of Alex’s family lives in beautiful Colorado. We typically visit them for Thanksgiving and other special occasions. One of our traditions is to have a cookout by the waterfalls, and then go hiking with our nieces. Every trip to Colorado is different because there’s always something new to celebrate.

Matias’ family lives in Misiones, in the north of Argentina. We love spending Christmas and New Year’s Eve with them. It’s very hot in December, so ice cream afternoons are a must! We both can take several weeks of vacation during the summer, and that allows us to travel together in Argentina as a family.

And Friends: We’re lucky to also have family and friends in Texas. Lupita, Alex’s cousin, lives in San Antonio and she’s a pediatric nurse. It’ll be such a blessing to have her expertise in our lives with a baby! Our friends, Daniela and Vito live close by in Houston with their three awesome daughters. We spend a lot of time together. Birthday parties with piñatas are the best!

We are lucky to have our loved ones spread across three different countries. Our future child will get to travel and experience different cultures, food, and languages.

Fave Holiday Traditions:

  • Surprising each other with birthday presents
  • Celebrating Thanksgiving with tamales in Colorado
  • Celebrating Christmas with roasted chicken and barbecue in Argentina

In Closing: We can’t wait to meet you and hear your story! From the bottom of our hearts, thank you!

We know this is a difficult decision and we are grateful you are considering us. We hope you enjoyed getting to know us a little better. We promise to make your child our number one priority in life. We know that this means we’ll be changing a lot of diapers and losing a lot of sleep, but we are excited about and welcome those challenges. We know that your child will bring so much love and joy to our lives, and we want you to know that we will fill your child’s life with love and affection, fun and adventures, and care and support.



Our Family