Alfred and Nam


Thank you for taking the time to consider us as prospective parents! Our names are Alfred & Nam. We live in sunny California with our dog, Buster. We deeply admire and respect you for undergoing this journey. We understand that there are many factors that go into such an important decision, but that ultimately it is one rooted in love for your child. We hope you can see what type of loving family we would be for your child. We promise that your child will be raised with the love and dedication to have the brightest future.

About Us: We first met through mutual friends in 2011 and bonded over random pop culture trivia. We love trying to stump each other on music and tv history. We officially started dating in 2012 and a year later moved in together. After 6 years together, Nam proposed to Alfred during a trip to San Diego in front of all our friends, and of course Alfred said yes. In 2019, we officially tied the knot with a beautiful garden wedding.

We love exploring the world, having traveled to many countries in Asia and Europe. However, home to us is the Bay Area and we bought our first house together in San Jose. We prioritize sitting down and having dinner together every day. We value the quality time! We look forward to showing our future child many world experiences and cannot wait to continue this tradition as a family.

Both of our jobs offer great paternal leave and flexibility in our schedules. We plan to stay home with our child for the first few months. Of course, with so much family around, we will have lots of help when needed!

A Few Fun Facts:

  • We love theme parks and make annual trips to Disneyland
  • Nam loves spicy food and is always adding more hot-sauce
  • Alfred loves eating ice cream even when it’s cold

5 Ways We Show Our Love:

  • Having dinner together every night
  • Making coffee for each other
  • Letting the other choose the movie to watch
  • Hugs and cuddles
  • Walking our dog together

A Few Things We Love:

Alfred –

  • Broadway musicals
  • Playing tennis
  • Gardening and growing vegetables
  • Watching Disney movies

Nam –

  • Long distance running
  • Campy sitcoms
  • Mythology books
  • Cartoon shows

5 Things We Will Teach Our Child:

  • Be kind and do good
  • Be happy and love what you do
  • Be courageous and try new things
  • Be brave and challenge yourself
  • Be who you are and live out loud!

About Nam

I grew up in Oakland, California and lived in a diverse and vibrant community. Being an only child to immigrant parents, I stay close to the area to maintain that family bond. The brief time I was away is when I went to college in San Diego studying Sociology and Educational Development. I’m currently working as a budget analyst finding funds for government programs. Random fact about me is that I hold a ton of useless pop culture knowledge. This comes in handy when playing trivia games!

More About Nam written by Alfred: Nam is not only my partner in life but my best friend. He is very practical and sensible, which helps balance me out. He is very organized, a hard worker, and has a smart sense of humor.  He loves sour candy, and I admit I always bring home his favorite candy to watch his eyes light up with excitement. He is very supportive and gives 100%, and I know he will be an awesome and loving dad.

Do You Prefer This or That?!

Netflix or Youtube: Netflix

Call or Text: Text

Guac or Salsa: Salsa

French Fries or Tator Tots: Tator Tots

Big Party or Small Gathering: Small gathering

Cake or Pie: Cake

Sneakers or Sandals: Sandals

City Life or Island Life: City life

Iced Coffee or Hot Coffee: Iced coffee

Movie at Home or at the Theater: Movie at home

About Nam

About Alfred

My parents immigrated to California from the Philippines in the 1970s, and my brother and I are first generation born in the United States. I grew up in a very diverse part of San Jose. In school I loved science and wanted to help other people. Thus, I developed a passion to work in medicine. I went to UC Davis to study biology, and then got my Masters in Physician Assistant and Public Health. I now work as a physician assistant treating people with liver diseases. I love the role I have in a health care team to help our patients.

More About Alfred written by Nam: Alfred’s favorite thing to do is make plans. He loves planning vacations, weekend activities, and discussing what to eat. You can hear the excitement as he is telling me the plans. He does not take things too seriously and loves making corny jokes, which always make me laugh. I think these qualities make him a great partner and an even better father.

Do You Prefer This or That?!

Netflix or Youtube: Netflix

Call or Text: Text

Guac or Salsa: Guac

French Fries or Tator Tots: French Fries

Big Party or Small Gathering: Big party

Cake or Pie: Cake

Sneakers or Sandals: Sandals

City Life or Island Life: Island life

Iced Coffee or Hot Coffee: Hot coffee

Movie at Home or at the Theater: At the theater

About Alfred

Our Home and Community

We love living in the Bay Area! An adventure is only a 30 to 60-minute drive away where we get to explore the ocean, mountains, and small towns. Since we both grew up here, we know the local secret getaways! We live in a 1940s one-story bungalow nestled in a neighborhood within San Jose. Some of our neighbors have been living here for decades, and there are new families with young kids. We get the best of both worlds – small-town feel with city perks!

Local Places We Love:

  • Weekend drives to Santa Cruz beaches
  • Stargazing at the observatory in Mt. Hamilton
  • Attending the many cultural and food festivals
  • Visiting the Walt Disney Family Museum
  • Attend basketball games at Stanford

Meet Buster: Buster is a loving 9-year-old chihuahua-pug mixed we rescued from a local shelter. He is like our shadow and can always be found right next to us. He is always burying himself between our legs and falling asleep on the couch. He loves to give doggy kisses. His full name is Buster Louis, and with our last name’s both starting with T- his initials are B.L.T.


Our Home and Community

Introducing Our Family and Friends

Alfred has a rather large extended family with many aunts, uncles, and cousins who are mostly local in the San Francisco Bay Area. We love to have large family gatherings, which always has lots of Filipino food and fun times. His dad lives in the Philippines but cannot wait to visit! Nam’s mom along with Alfred’s brother and mom live 15 minutes away and we have family dinners every month!

Most of our close friends are in the Bay Area. We grew up together and still regularly talk and hang out. Many have kids and we cannot wait to have play dates with them. When Nam’s best friend from elementary school had her first child, he was honored when asked to be the godfather. He loves being the fun uncle!

Traditions That We Value:

  • Celebrating Vietnamese New Year
  • Annual Disneyland trips
  • Monthly dinner with extended family
  • Decorating the Christmas tree
  • Big family reunions

Our Parting Message to You: We hope you enjoyed getting to know a little about us. While we understand you have a lot to think about in this process, we hope you can help us make the dream of fatherhood a reality. As both of our families first grandchild, we know the child will be surrounded by unconditional love.



Introducing Our Family and Friends