Brent and Mark

Hello and Welcome

We’re Brent & Mark from San Francisco, and we’re honored that you decided to learn more about us. Our journey with each other began when we met after college, and we realized we shared so many things in common. We both love good food, have fun traveling to new places, and most of all, value the love of our families. Thank you for taking the time to get to know us!

In the time we’ve been together, we have both thought: “my partner would make a great dad.” Once we realized how in sync we were, we knew that the way forward would be to start a family with an open adoption.

We are very excited to become new parents and hope that this is the start of a great journey, and we are so grateful for your consideration.

About Us: Our first date was the kind of night that we still enjoy – eating good food, sharing stories, and dreaming about the future. Early on, we found that we shared a lot of interests – traveling, hiking, board games, cooking and gardening. We love exploring new places on far away trips, and even after living together in San Francisco for many years, we have learned that there are still a lot of surprises near our own backyard.

On our journey together, we’ve had a great time seeing the kids of our friends and relatives grow up, and we’re excited to start our own family. We decided to adopt after talking with Mark’s brother, who adopted his daughter Maia. We really admired how everyone came together for Maia’s sake in an open adoption, and that’s how we want to start our family, too.

We can’t wait to…

  • Teach our child to plant the next crop of peas in our backyard garden
  • Take them on a city hike on the cliffs overlooking the ocean
  • See the 4th of July fireworks over San Francisco Bay together
  • Bring them on our next adventure
Hello and Welcome

About Brent

About Brent by Mark: When I met Brent, I was just starting to date, and his friendliness and  good nature helped draw me out of my shell. I’m grateful that he helps me grow and push my own boundaries.

He spoils me with lemon bars and fresh baked bread, which is just one of the many ways he shows his generous spirit. He’s always there to support the people important to him. I remember the times Brent connected to a shy one-year old over his favorite kids’ book and bounced his laughing niece and nephews on his knee, and I know he’ll make a great dad!

As a kid, Brent grew up with his parents and sister in the LA area. He often tells stories about singing along to Motown (his parents’ favorite) in the car going to the next family camping trip, and he still carries a love of music and the outdoors with him. He has always had an independent streak, which in high school meant that he dyed his hair. During college, he spent a year in Thailand working with a local hospice organization and developed his passion for health care.

For Work: Brent works as a primary care doctor, because he feels it’s important to contribute to the community. He also volunteers at the free clinic in Berkeley that helped guide his interest in practicing medicine. I hope that one day soon, we’ll all be sitting around after dinner, and Brent will tell our kid all the great stories from his day seeing patients, then eagerly plan our next family hike.

Brent Loves:

  • Dance videos
  • Calvin & Hobbes
  • When Mark does his Queen Elizabeth accent
  • Excellent bread
  • Sheep eyes
About Brent

About Mark

About Mark by Brent: When we met, I knew from the beginning that he was a keeper – humble, talented, and with a wry humor that I kept thinking about. I have been impressed at how good Mark is around kids – he just seems to get what they want and how they are feeling. Just after we met, Mark’s older brother had his first child – who is now in high school! At my sister’s wedding, he turned a crying two-year-old into his best friend. I’ve seen this over and over again with our friends’ kids and his nieces and nephew (whom we took camping on his first trip away from his parents).

Mark grew up near Houston, Texas in a family of scientists. As a kid, he did lots of normal kids’ activities like music, hanging out, and Boy Scouts. He also did some less common activities like spending summers interning in research labs. After going to college in Boston and then spending a year in Germany, he started graduate school in California.

For Work: Mark is now a biology professor at SF State, and comes home taking about how exciting it is to teach students about the wonders of science. He’s developed a lot of patience following his scientific interests and passions, which I know will come in handy raising our kid.

Mark’s lucky that his career gives him a customizable work schedule with the flexibility to concentrate on his professional goals while providing time to spend with our family and future child. I’m so excited to see Mark teach our little one the strategy for our favorite board games, or explain how the asparagus grows during our garden’s latest harvest.

Mark Loves:

  • The Simpsons
  • Being silly with kids
  • Being with Brent and family
  • Chocolate
  • Watching wildlife


About Mark

Our Home and Community

San Francisco, where we live and work, is an amazing place to have a family. We live in an extremely kid-friendly neighborhood and the perfect place for us. We like that our street is quiet, and we have our own backyard space for gardening. Every year, we grow asparagus, artichokes, and whatever else we’d like to eat. We imagine taking our son or daughter to the weekend farmer’s market to see the great produce and children’s entertainment. There are two wonderful playgrounds – one with a run filled with happy dogs – just a few blocks from our front door.

The excitement and sights of San Francisco are close by. And we’re already planning where to take our kid to explore the great outdoors – the ocean bluffs of the Marin Headlands, the redwood groves at Big Basin, and mountains of Lassen National Park are all a short drive away.

We love to travel both in the United States and in many other countries. Our first big trip together was a backpacking trip to Sequoia/King’s Canyon National Park which was both exhausting and very rewarding. Since then, we’ve tried to fit at least one extended vacation every year. We’ve seen some amazing things, like the Taj Mahal and the fjords of Norway, but the most memorable experiences have been with family, like the vacation with all four of our parents (!) to Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Park.

When we’re at home, we try to see the outdoors, and when it’s a cloudy day, we like to play boardgames, sometimes with friends, sometimes just the two of us. It’s fun to push cardboard chits around the board, chat, and share a meal. Over the years, we’ve collected more board games than we can count.


Our Home and Community

Our Loved Ones

Both of our families are as excited as we are that we’re adopting. Though we are somewhat far apart (Brent’s family is in Los Angeles; Mark’s in Houston, Boston and Taiwan) we work hard to stay close – by phone, by internet chatting, and by trying to visit frequently.  We have both been incredibly thankful to have family that have supported us, nurtured us and demonstrated by example the importance of togetherness, integrity and a positive environment. Our parents have been vocal about their interest in having more grandkids and have already told us they want to come over to babysit.

We’re also really lucky to have a great group of friends locally. They have been inspiring examples of work-life balance, demonstrated the joys of parenthood, and have supplied lots of helpful advice. We can’t wait to introduce our child to his or her cousins and friends and watch them play tag and get in trouble with each other.

Our Life as Parents: When we think forward to our future family, we definitely think of some amazing highlights – travel adventures, a gigantic New Year’s family celebration. But we’re most excited about the everyday things: eating waffles on a Sunday morning; reading a book together; walking to our neighborhood park; riding bikes around town; playing cards; working on homework; planting peas. We’ve done these things so many times, and yet each is still joyful moment we want to share.

We believe strongly in an open adoption. We think our child will be stronger having connections with his or her biological parents. We also believe strongly in generosity towards each other and extending to our friends, families, and communities. Our promise is to show our child how important it is to be kind, to ourselves and to others.

In Closing: We are entering this process so excited to raise a family. We strongly want our child to have an ongoing connection to his or her biological family, as we’ve seen how important this has been for Mark’s niece. We hope to provide a nurturing, supportive environment that brings together our incredible extended families and our friends. As we start our family, we are filled with gratitude that you are making this possible for us. We promise to do our all to honor the choice you make, and to raise our child with love, kindness, and some fresh-baked treats, too. We hope after getting to know us a bit better, that you won’t hesitate to reach out if there’s anything else we can share about us and our adoption journey.

Our Loved Ones