Heather and Randell

Dear Birth Mother

Hi! We are Heather and Randell. We feel very blessed, excited and grateful

that you are taking the time to view our profile and get to know a little more about us. We realize what a big decision this is for you, and we greatly respect and admire your courage and strength in making this choice.

We Will Teach Your Child:

  • Family values
  • Respect for others
  • To help others
  • The value of hard work
  • Nutrition & exercise

East Meets West: Like many busy people in their 30s, we met online and hit it off immediately through our shared love of traveling. We have been together for seven years (married for over four years) and still enjoy learning about one another and discovering the world around us. Heather was born and raised in Sacramento, CA; Randell was born in New York City and raised in Rockville Centre (Long Island), NY. He moved to Sacramento, CA in 2002 after college to see what the West Coast is all about.

Five Ways We Show Our Love:

  • We listen to one another
  • We share household chores
  • We say “I love you” to one another every day
  • We cook each other’s favorite meals
  • We offer one another support when one of us is going through a difficult time

After dating for a short time, we knew immediately that we were going to be together. We were engaged for just under a year and had a small, intimate wedding with close friends and family. We enjoy traveling together and have been to many states, including Hawaii, Massachusetts, Minnesota, New York, Oregon, Maryland, and Louisiana. We plan to continue our travels within the United States and internationally. We enjoy learning about cultures through travel, food, music, languages, and art. We like going to sporting events together and enjoy cheering on our teams (Oakland A’s baseball, LA Kings and NY Rangers hockey, SF 49ers football, and Sacramento Kings basketball), taking road trips, hiking, bicycling, running, going to the zoo, to the ocean, and to the movies.

We are both only children and are close with our families – Randell’s parents moved to CA a couple of years ago to be closer to us. Heather’s mom lives only two miles away. Heather has family (aunt, uncle, cousins) who live within an hour’s drive; both Randell and Heather have family members who live throughout the United States (New York, Maryland, Virginia, Iowa, Oregon).

Dear Birth Mother

About Heather

Meet Heather by Heather: I enjoy travel, photography, reading, exercise, watching and playing sports, learning languages, and trying my hand at new recipes – something I have been doing more of since the pandemic!

I also enjoy curling up on the sofa and binge watching classic TV and some of the new show offerings on Disney+.  Sometimes I like to challenge Randell to video games on our classic Nintendo Entertainment System – yes, the original version that I have had since I was a child and it still works like it’s new!

My Career: I’m a human resources manager and my workplace provides on-site daycare so our little one will be nearby all day! My work is flexible so I can take time off as needed to care for our child.

By Randell: Heather is a sweet, caring person who values family. She is good at taking care of the shrubbery and plants in our yard and loves to cook as she makes excellent tacos and pastries. Ever since we started dating, Heather has told me how much she loves traveling and exploring new places. Heather is also goal oriented and has accomplished some of those goals by completing 5K and 10K races, as well as hike to the top of Yosemite’s Glacier Point on her first attempt! As Heather has been a great daughter to her mother and loves cats and dogs, I know she will make a great mother.

Fun Facts About Heather:

  • Loves languages and can speak Spanish, French, some Italian, some Swedish
  • I have traveled to 27 states and 8 countries and plan to share my love of travel and cultures with our child as they grow
About Heather

About Randell

Meet Randell by Randell: I love working out, running, learning new languages, photography, traveling, watching sports, reading history and classic fiction stories, watching classic sitcoms and cartoons, and films.

I also like classic 80s music – this is our go-to when we take long drives.  I like visiting amusement parks and going on the roller coasters.  I enjoy doing things to take care of Heather and love cooking steak, salmon, steamed vegetables, and pasta for our dinners.

My Career: I have been employed with the State of California for over 18 years as a Systems Analyst. My workplace values work-life balance and I’m lucky to work a short drive from home! I’m able to work from home so I’ll always be available to care for our child.

By Heather: Randell is the most patient, caring person I know. He’s a carefree soul that takes things as they come. He is very thoughtful, and great with remembering important dates like birthdays and anniversaries. He loves to travel and see as much as the world can offer. I know he will be an amazing father, because not only is he very loving, patient and low-key, he’s also like a big kid himself in that he gets excited when discovering new things; he loves going to amusement parks, comic conventions, sporting events, watching trains, and seeing the latest Marvel movie.

Fun Facts About Randell:

  • I have visited all 50 states plus DC – including the Capitols
  • I love reaching new heights; I have hiked to the top of Yosemite Falls, Glacier Point, Lassen Peak, and Guadalupe Peak


About Randell

Home Sweet Home

We live in Northern California, so we are in close proximity to the ocean (about 2 hours west) and the mountains (about 2 hours east). Our weather in Sacramento is fairly mild with lots of sunshine, so plenty of opportunities for outdoor play and activities. We live in a newer neighborhood (our house is 4 ½ years old) with a K-12 charter school only three blocks from our home. We have a couple of neighborhood parks in walking distance – both have playground equipment (one has a baseball diamond and community garden), and the streets near our home are not busy, allowing for safe playing and bicycle riding near the house.

We live in a large, modern two-story home in a safe neighborhood with many young families.

Five Activities and Places We Love:

  • Running and biking on the American River Parkway
  • Seeing Sacramento Kings basketball games at Golden 1 Center
  • Seeing River Cats minor league baseball at Sutter Health Park
  • Kayaking at Folsom Lake
  • Going to the Sacramento and Folsom Zoos
Home Sweet Home

Family and Friends

We both come from medium-sized families that mostly live in the area. Heather’s mom lives only two miles away; Randell’s parents are only a 25-minute drive away.  We are both very close to our parents and visit them often.

Most of our holiday get-togethers are for Easter, Thanksgiving, and Christmas with the family. For these holidays, Heather’s aunt and uncle host the family (including many cousins, second cousins, etc.) at their home in Rancho Murieta for dinner. For Easter, the kids in the family get to hunt for their Easter goodie basket hidden in the yard; for Christmas, we open gifts together, followed by dessert (baked cookies, pies). Heather has cousins who have children and grandchildren (the two grandchildren are currently 2 years old and 4 months old), so there will be other littles that our child will be able to play with during family get-togethers.

On Christmas Day, we start the day with gifts at our house (we can’t wait for the excitement our little one will feel through the years as they anticipate Santa’s visit), followed by a visit to Heather’s mom’s house for more gifts and breakfast.

During the warmer months, we like to venture out and see new sights, and oftentimes, it is with our parents. Randell’s parents enjoy scenic drives and picnic lunches with us. We have celebrated Heather’s mom’s birthday in the spring by going horseback riding several times – with plans for more horseback riding outings in the future.

Our Promise to You:

  • To love your child unconditionally
  • To provide them with a home full of love, laughter, and support
  • To read a bedtime story to them every night before they go to sleep
  • To encourage them to develop their own interests and follow their dreams
  • To nurture every talent they have, whether it is art, music, sports, science, or technology (or all of these and more!)
  • To introduce them to the beauty this world offers through travel and other experiences
  • To be there for them always
  • To tell them their adoption story, and how much you love them

Our Heartfelt Thanks to You: Thank you for spending this time to learn more about us. We are very excited to welcome a little one into our family. Like you, we want the very best life for your child and we are eager to provide unconditional love, support, and a lifetime of wonderful memories. We are looking forward to seeing the world through their eyes as they meet things with awe and wonder.

Family and Friends