Iva and Stewart

Dear Birth Mother

Hello! We are Iva and Stewart from Los Angeles, California. Thank you for taking the time to learn about us. We hope these words and images will create a picture of who we are and the kind of parents we will be if you choose us.

We feel enormous gratitude to you and know that you’ll choose the right parents and home for your child. Thank you for being selfless and generous of spirit. We respect your courage.

Having a child has always been our dream. If you choose us, we promise to:

  • Unconditionally love your child
  • Create a safe and nurturing environment with lots of hugs, love and cuddles
  • Nurture your child’s creativity and imagination
  • Teach your child how to be a good human being and steward of the earth
  • Provide a great education
  • Help them to discover his or her individual path
  • Show him or her the world

About Us: About three years ago we met through e-Harmony. It all began with our first date at a little café in Brentwood Village near our current home. After two lattes and a cookie, the rest is history. Iva was quite impressed by the way Stewart keenly listened to what she said. About eighteen months later, Stewart was down on one knee in the middle of an outdoor restaurant at water’s edge, with a dozen roses in hand.

We are newlyweds and our wedding was a fairytale. It was outside at sunset, overlooking the Santa Monica Mountains. Ours was a small and simple affair filled with lots of warmth and love from family and friends, and the best fruit crème cake ever! We want our fairytale to continue by building our family together.

We thrive on traveling and exploring new cultures, hikes, galleries, architecture, discussing world affairs and healthy farm-to-table cooking. we love all dogs, but especially our dogs Garbo and Bear.

Dear Birth Mother

Meet Iva

A Little About Me, By Iva: I grew up in Long Island, New York, and loved playing dress up and pretend with my friend Mary who lived across the street. I went to Vassar College and then Columbia School of Journalism and became a writer, creating my own stories. Besides Stewart, I hold my friends, my mom and our dogs very close to my heart. As I come from a small family, my close circle of friends is my extended family. Working part-time as a freelance writer and editor, I have plenty of flexibility in my schedule, which is perfect for family life. We are looking forward to having a child to nurture, love and grow with.

About Iva by Stewart: What struck me about Iva is that she is very passionate and a bit kooky. She is always ready to try new things. Iva is the light of my life and has opened up doors for me. She has shown me new ways of seeing the world. She has traveled to Africa, Peru, Iceland and most recently the Norwegian Fjords. Before we met, Iva studied and worked for over ten years in London. She has an adventurous spirit that I know she will impart to our child-to-be. The loyalty and nurturing that she shows others are qualities that I love in her. I feel like the luckiest man in the world.

Secret Fun Facts About Iva:

  • She helped pay for college by being a hand model
  • She has dual US/UK citizenship
  • She puts glitter and festive ribbon in cards she sends to friends and family
  • She volunteered to work at an orphanage in Peru’s Sacred Valley
  • She is learning to cook ethnic recipes using Sun Basket
  • She did competitive gymnastics in high school on the balance beam
  • Her guilty pleasure is baked Cheetos from Trader Joe’s
  • She is a great dancer
Meet Iva

Meet Stewart

A Little About Me, By Stewart: I’m proud to be a third generation Angeleno, born and raised in Los Angeles. My family all live within a 30-minute drive from us. I went to grad school at USC and studied Urban Planning. It is my dream to plan cities. Right now I plan transportation routes for LA County, so I’m getting there. My parents kept me well stocked with Legos and Tonka Trucks, so I guess I just never grew out of it. Turning a passion into a career is the best! I love to travel and be with Iva, our friends and hopefully soon, our expanding family.

About Stewart by Iva: Stewart is one of the kindest, most genuine people I know. He is compassionate and believes in doing the right thing. This, and his boyish-charm, won me over. Stewart sees the best in people and has an open heart. A playful ‘doer,’ he’s always up for new experiences. Stewart loves building things, and can’t wait to assemble a train set for a little one. And he even does the dishes and the laundry!

Secret Fun Facts About Stewart:

  • He built an entire Lego pyramid city as a kid
  • He loves films from the Golden Age of Hollywood from the 40s and 50s
  • He has a photographic memory
  • He’s travelled to 25 countries and 5 continents
  • He loves Comic-Con, screwball comedies and Dungeons and Dragons
  • His guilty pleasure is Oreo milkshakes
Meet Stewart

Our Home

We live in a lovely suburb of sunny Los Angeles. We’re about 30 minutes from the beach and 20 minutes from hiking in the Santa Monica Mountains. It is lush and green year-round with plenty of sunshine. The nearby schools get great reviews, and we can walk to them and a number of restaurants, parks, churches and synagogues.

We recently purchased a charming mid century modern home and love our beautiful backyard, open living spaces and updated kitchen. We have a fenced in pool, and have a corner of the yard ready for a playset!

Our Furry Friend: At our front door you are instantly greeted with affection by our sweet dog, Garbo. Garbo is a 12 year old multi-poo that we rescued. She has an instant connection with children when she smiles and is very playful. Garbo is famous for her “dancing-bear” routines, especially when she wants treats. We can’t get a good night’s sleep without her joining us at the foot of our bed and we know she cannot wait to have a tiny pair of feet to snuggle up with.

Our Home

Our Family and Friends

We are both from small families, and each have one sister. Stewart’s parents live in the house where he grew up. They have been married for 55 years and they still dote over each other. Stewart’s younger sister is married and while they don’t have children yet, we’re keeping our fingers crossed. We make sure to see everyone at least once a month.

Iva’s mom lives nearby, and we are fortunate to visit with her at least twice a week. She loves going to museums, movies, restaurants and garden tours. Iva’s older sister lives in Michigan with her husband. She’s a scientist who loves cats, Star Trek and her stepdaughter.

Our friends have become a vital part of our family. Many of Iva’s friends from her days in London are still very close to us and their children know and love her. Iva’s best friend in L.A. lives a short walk away. She and her husband are expecting their first child. Crazy exciting! Another good friend is a retired teacher. She and Iva traveled to Africa, and she will be great lending advice and helping surround our future child with love.

Family Traditions We Love:

  • Thanksgiving in Redondo Beach with extended family
  • Celebrating holidays – including Hanukkah and Christmas, with our friends and relatives, at one home or another
  • Strolling the Venice Canals at Christmas to enjoy the holiday lights
  • Enjoying birthdays, anniversaries and special occasions with the gang
  • Movie night with cuddles and popcorn

A Special Message to You: We’ve learned that life doesn’t always go as planned. We also know that unexpected journeys can lead to unexpected joy. Your child is a special gift. We would be ecstatic if we were chosen. Thank you so much for considering us.

-Iva & Stewart

Our Family and Friends