James and Jason

Dear Birth Mother

Hello! We are James & Jason from Toronto, Canada. We are thrilled you have decided to learn more about us and to consider us as adoptive parents to your child.  We understand that becoming a parent is a serious decision, and it is one that we have come to after many heart-to-heart discussions – building our family through adoption has always been our plan. We are so excited to start a family!

Adopting in Canada can take a long time as there are hundreds of families waiting to grow their families; we are so grateful for the opportunity to pursue adoption in the United States. We hope you will discover what a loving, caring and kind couple we are, and how we are excited to provide a happy and healthy environment full of unconditional love and support to our child.

About Us & How We Met: We met online in 2017. It was on our first date that we discovered our shared loved of travel and adventure which shaped both of our individual career paths; James as a flight attendant and Jason a lawyer who specializes in aviation law.  Each date that followed was more fun and exciting than the last.  The most crucial date involved James meeting Jason’s dog Doris – lucky for James, Doris quickly gave her seal of approval and the three of us spent lots of time together exploring the city and the beautiful nature surrounding it.  Introductions to friends and families followed, and before we knew it, we were living under one roof and setting up our home together.

From there, our relationship became a whirlwind of adventures exploring the world (over 10 countries), road trips, house projects, family gatherings, sporting events – Jason is a long-time season ticket holder to the Toronto Raptors – and creating memories filled with lots of laughs and love.  We became engaged on Christmas Day with Doris’ help.  James came downstairs and found Doris sitting like the good dog she is, but he noticed a box tied to her collar.  At that moment Jason got down on one knee and asked James to marry him!

Things We Love:

  • Trivia and card games
  • Trying new restaurants
  • Farmers markets
  • Road trips with no set destinations
  • Long hikes with our dog Doris through the many city parks
  • Quiet nights on the couch binge watching Netflix
  • Carrot-pineapple coconut cake and lots of coffee
  • Visiting friends and family all over the world
Dear Birth Mother

About James

Meet James by James: I grew up in a small town in Northern Canada with loving parents and a younger sister.  We spoke English and French in the home, and I attended French school.  My childhood was spent surrounded by family and loved ones – playing outdoors, riding bikes, swimming in lakes, fishing, road trips and visiting my grandparents on their farm are some of my fondest memories.

After high school I was recruited to work at Disney World in Florida then transferred to one of their cruise ships – I am still a Disney fan to this day.  After my Disney adventure I returned to Canada to complete my degree in Tourism Studies.  Wanting to see more of the world I became a flight attendant, which has allowed us to travel the world to visit friends and family regularly.

Family is important to me and has been a driving force in my desire to become a father through adoption.  I lost my father over 10 years ago and hope to become as great of a father as he was.  I am very lucky that my work schedule is very flexible, and benefits from work and the government will allow me to take at minimum a year off after the adoption.

About James by Jason: James is truly the kindest, most caring person I know and is my perfect partner. Whenever we are with friends and family, he checks in on everyone to make sure they are enjoying themselves and can easily go toe-to-toe with my mom in long, funny stories! His kind nature, humor and patience are the perfect balance to my love of organization and structure. Although he always pretends to be shy, he’s the first to start dancing in our kitchen or to grab the mic at karaoke!

His sense of empathy and his devotion to our homelife and family always make me feel safe, secure and supported.  He is such a natural around children, all our nieces, nephews and friends’ kids adore James – I cannot wait to get to watch him become a dad.

Fun Facts About James:

  • Favorite color: Blue
  • Favorite Food: Pizza
  • Favorite Band: Fleetwood Mac
  • Favorite Holiday: Thanksgiving
  • Loves to get his hands dirty gardening
  • Played a lumberjack at Epcot center
  • Worked as a flight attendant for former Canadian Prime Minister
About James

About Jason

Meet Jason by Jason: I grew up on the East Coast of Canada in a small community-minded town, the eldest of four kids – two boys and two girls. Every summer, we would travel to Prince Edward Island, where my maternal grandmother was from, and I got to try my hand at farming and fishing. James and I still visit PEI every year, and we look forward to bringing our future child there to continue making memories.

After college, I moved to London, England where I began my career as a lawyer working in the aviation field. This allowed me many opportunities to travel (40 countries and counting), as I was bitten by the travel bug. Today, I am a partner at a large Canadian law firm, and I truly love my job. It has provided me many great opportunities and is both challenging and rewarding at the same time.

About Jason by James: Jason is smart, witty, and his talents are spread across many disciplines. His personality shines and lights up any room, and his laugh is infectious.  Jason is also the most loving, compassionate and caring person who, without fail, puts the needs of others before his own.  He is deeply committed to helping and supporting our friends and families as well as various causes in our community.  All the things I love about him are the qualities that I know will make him the best dad; and it doesn’t hurt that he’s an amazing cook!

I cannot wait to begin this journey into parenthood with the man who continuously encouraged me to be the best version of myself. Our child will be lucky to have such an amazing, supportive father.

Fun Facts About Jason

  • Favorite Color: Red
  • Favorite Food: Pizza
  • Favorite Band: Queen
  • Favorite Holiday: Halloween
  • Loves to cook big meals for family and friends
  • Likes to learn new skills (currently learning Spanish)
  • Is an avid book reader and collector
About Jason

Our Home

We live in a lovely neighborhood about 10 minutes outside downtown Toronto, Canada. Our home is a modern inviting space with an open-concept layout and sits on a tree-lined street.  Many of our friends and family are nearby and we enjoy having everyone over to BBQs on the back patio.  Our neighborhood is home to many of our favorite restaurants and stores, which are all within walking distance. One of the largest parks in Toronto is at the end of our street, with playgrounds and pools as well skating rinks and hills for sledding in the winter months.

We are lucky to live in neighborhood that has some strong public schools in both French and English, as it is important to the both of us that our child learns a second language. Toronto is one of the most diverse cities in the world, and we are very proud of what this diversity brings to our own lives. Our neighbors are mostly made up of younger families, with a very strong sense of community – we are excited to raise our future child in such a welcoming, friendly and safe place, where they will always feel loved and encouraged.

Meet Doris: Doris is a sweet and gentle rescue dog from Cozumel, Mexico, who Jason adopted four years ago.  As she is a street dog, it’s no surprise that she is a wonderful mix of different breeds.  She loves to go for walks, play fetch and is a pro at taking long naps in the sun.  She is a gentle soul who loves nothing more than being treated with pieces of cheese and cuddling on the couch and only barks when the Amazon driver is at the door. She will make a great fur friend to our child!

Our Home

Thank You

Meet Our Family & Friends: Our family can’t wait for us to be dads! James’ family live just over 5 hours north in the same little town where he grew up.  His younger sister Crystal and her husband Felix live on a dairy farm with their two girls Gabrielle and Andreanne.  James’ mother lives on a quiet and beautiful lake that we enjoy visiting whenever we can, spending time with the nieces out on the water kayaking or walking in the wilderness.

Jason’s originally from Halifax, Nova Scotia, and his parents continue to live in the home where he grew up.  Two of his siblings live in Toronto not far from our home – Ashley, her husband Dave and their son Liam live a quick drive away; and Craig, the youngest of the family. Jason’s sister Kathryn lives in Nova Scotia with her husband Matt and their daughter Lucy.

Holidays: Our home is frequently the place used for family gatherings, be it Thanksgiving, Christmas or Boxing Day (December 26th).  No family gathering is complete without Jason taking care of the meals and James following behind cleaning up.  We usually finish the evenings with card games or trivia, and no matter who wins there will be lots of laughing and good-hearted teasing.

Our Friends: Our friends are as near and dear to us as our families and we are fortunate to have loved ones spread across the world.  Everyone is excited and eager for us to take this next step and embark on the wonderful journey into parenthood.  Our future child will be very lucky to have so many loved ones to help them become the best version of themselves. It truly does take a village!

Thank You: We appreciate you taking the time to get to know us a bit better and are truly thankful for your consideration. We hope that this has shown you how thrilled we are to grow our family and to start our journey as parents (as are all our family and friends). We deeply respect your decision and courage to consider adoption and would be excited and honored to go on this journey with you.

  • James & Jason
Thank You