Jenn and Evan

Dear Birth Mother

Hi! We are Jenn & Evan from Dallas, Texas. Thank you for taking the time to learn about us! We are honored to be considered for the privilege of becoming your child’s adoptive parents and want you to know we will love them with everything that we have. We have been praying for you for years and are so encouraged by your bravery. Your courage in considering adoption is so admirable and it opens the door for couples like us to experience a certain joy we have been looking for.

About Us: We met through mutual friends who had been trying to set us up for months! On our first date, we learned that we had already shared several similar experiences and yet had several of the same desires out of life as well, including wanting to ride in a hot air balloon. As we continued to date, we enjoyed traveling together, getting to know each other’s families, and making memories together.

We had been dating for a little over a year and a half and one Saturday morning in May, Evan woke Jenn up at 4:15 a.m. and told her to get ready and out the door in 20 minutes. Not having a clue what was going on, Jenn rolled out of bed and reluctantly got into the car. Unbeknownst to Jenn, Evan had a beautiful day planned. Hundreds of feet in the air, while riding in a hot air balloon, Evan got down on one knee and purposed to Jenn. The following February, we had a beautiful wedding in front of all our friends and family. The day was everything we dreamed it to be.

We have created a life we love and we are so ready to share it with your precious child. We are so excited to grow our family through adoption and are humbled by your decision to offer families like ours a chance to become parents. Adoption has always been on our hearts and upon learning of the safety concerns of pregnancy, we knew immediately this was God’s plan all along. Our desire to be a mom and dad far outweighs any desire to have a biological child. There is nothing more we want than to become parents.

Dear Birth Mother

About Jenn

About Jenn, by Jenn: I grew up in Dallas, Texas with my mom, dad, and two sisters. Growing up, I was obsessed with playing school and often used my sisters (and my stuffed animals) as students. I had a very lively childhood. Between being active in dance, soccer and playing “teacher”, I also babysat for all my neighbors and family friends. These hobbies would lead me to attend Texas Tech University and earn my degree in Elementary Education. Having taught for 10 years, my passion for children has continued to grow.

Being a classroom teacher and having been raised with a stay at home mom, I have seen first-hand how beneficial that can be. I am very excited and fortunate to be able to stay home with our future child and look forward to doing so. I cannot wait to join parent groups in our community, mid-week visits to the zoo, being active in the school PTA and so much more.

My Fav Hobbies:

  • Walks with our dogs
  • Travel
  • Home renovations

Get to Know Jenn by Evan: Jenn is a beautiful, caring and strong woman who is outstanding with kids. Her heart for others cannot be matched and I know she will make an incredible mother. Jenn has a way of making everyone feel welcome in our home and I know our future child will know just how much they are loved and adored.

Fun Facts About Jenn

  • I love to decorate, and Evan loves it when I redecorate!
  • My favorite snack is popcorn with Peanut M&Ms, and I always pair it with a soft drink!
  • My favorite day of the year is when Evan and I drive to East Texas and cut down our own fresh Christmas Tree.
  • Although my looks don’t show it, I am Hispanic! (Dad is Mexican, Mom is Caucasian)
  • Hosting is one of my absolute favorite things to do. Whether holidays with family or a girls night with friends, opening my home to others fills my heart.
About Jenn

About Evan

About Evan, by Evan: I grew up near Dallas, Texas with my younger brother, mom and dad. Growing up, I enjoyed riding my bike, hanging out with friends, and playing outside. I remember riding my bike around the neighborhood collecting materials to build a backyard fort that remained an ongoing project throughout my childhood. This fond childhood pastime later turned into starting and growing my own construction company. I have worked hard to build my company and take great pride in my business, building and remodeling homes.

I have poured hours and hours into my business during the first several years of owning it so that when it comes time for a family, I will be present. Plain and simple, I cannot wait to be a dad. I look forward to coaching their little league team or watching their dance recital, teaching them the tricks of my trade and being present for every possible moment. As the owner of my company, I have a very flexible schedule which will allow me to attend school programs and take vacations together as a family.

My Fav Hobbies:

  • Camping
  • Concerts
  • Biking
  • Going to the lake

Get to Know Evan by Jenn: Evan is quiet, compassionate, observant, and caring. Watching Evan with our friends’ children has shown me a side of him that I cannot wait to embrace as we begin a family ourselves. Evan’s loving nature and willingness to help anyone in need is just one of the attributes that will make him an incredible father. Children love Evan (and love having Evan hold them since he is tall!), and I love watching him with all the children in our life.

Fun Facts About Evan

  • I can fix just about anything in a home or on a car.
  • Growing up I collected Legos and baseball cards and held onto both collections for my future child to enjoy as well.
  • My dad is a chef and I love to cook and grill.
  • Someday, I would like to own a ranch with hundreds of acres, Jenn plans to make a portion of it a sanctuary for elderly and injured dogs.
  • I love to be outside riding 4 wheelers, playing with the dogs at the lake, and camping away for the weekend.
About Evan

The Place We Call Home

We live in a large two-story home with 4 bedrooms that is in a very child friendly neighborhood. Our home sits on one acre of property with both large front and back yards. When we bought our home three years ago, we envisioned playing family games of football and soccer as well as flying kites. Our backyard is perfect for picnics, grilling yummy dinners outside, and a playhouse! We love our home and hosting friends and family for get-togethers often. Our neighborhood is full of families in all stages of life, ranging from young families with lots of children to elderly couples; everyone looks out for one another. We even have a nurse who lives right next door to us! We live 5 minutes away from a highly ranked elementary school and have several parks in the area that we can’t wait to play at with our future child.

Our Pups: Piper, Maggi & Boozer: All three are rescues and are spoiled rotten! Piper is a lab mix and is a magnet to children! Maggi is a pure-bred lab and is a little ball of energy, being the baby of the pack. Boozer is a Yorkie mix and a lady’s man through and through. He is our 12-pound man of the house…or so he thinks.

All three dogs love children and look forward to the neighborhood children coming over daily to play in our backyard. A few weekends a month, several of our neighbors and their kids bring their dogs over for playdates while we hang out on the patio.

The Place We Call Home

Our Loved Ones

We have an immense amount of support from so many of our loved ones and we know your child will be so loved, supported, and cherished.

Jenn’s family consists of her father Dan, mother Carol, sisters Allison and Mara and Allison’s husband, Chris. Dan and Carol live only 20 minutes away from us so we are always spending time together. Allison and Chris live about 45 minutes away, but we still see each other often as our dogs love to play together! Jenn’s other sister Mara recently moved to Colorado, but we LOVE to visit her as often as possible!

Evan’s family is small and consists of his mom Debi, dad Peter, and brother Ryan. Evan’s mom and brother live about an hour and a half away, so we don’t get to see them as often as we’d like.  However, we get to enjoy Peter’s company more often as he still lives in the home Evan grew up in which is about 30 minutes from our house.

Fun Family Traditions

  • Backyard barbeques and patio dancing at our house!
  • Matching Christmas PJ’s with Jenn’s family.
  • Attending the State Fair of Texas all together.
  • Celebrating birthdays (We celebrate BIG!)
  • Sunday pool days at Dan and Carol’s house hosting holiday dinners and birthday celebrations out at our favorite restaurants with Evan’s family.

We Will Teach Your Child:

  • Respect
  • Love
  • Laughter
  • Manners
  • Joy

In Closing: Thank you for taking the time to get to know us. Our greatest joy will be knowing and rejoicing in who our child is. We want them to grow, thrive, and dream.

We promise to love them unconditionally and in turn help them to love others the same. Some of our priorities as a family will include eating dinner together every night, reading books before bedtime, and fostering a love of learning.

From the bottom of our hearts, may your heart be led to the right decision and may it give you peace. Know that we are ready to give your child a place to call home and being the first grandchild on either side, we can assure you- your child will be loved and spoiled by grandparents and aunts and uncles as well. We are so appreciative of your selflessness and sacrifice to do what you believe is best for your child. Please always know in your heart your child will be loved, nurtured, and treasured.

Our Loved Ones