Katy and Adam


We are Adam & Katy from Santa Cruz, California. We are so excited that you are reading our profile and honored that you are considering us as a family for your child. We deeply respect the courageous and selfless decision you are making.

We have been together for 20 years and have not yet had the opportunity for children. Adoption is something we have talked about throughout our marriage as it is important for us both. and we strongly believe it is the right time for us to move forward and become parents. We hope you find comfort in knowing that we promise to give your child unconditional love and support always. Your child will know they came to our family out of an act of love by their birth mother.

Our Story: We met when Adam was 15 and Katy was 16. We met at summer marching band camp – yes band camp. Our first “real” date was a homecoming dance at our high school, and we have been together ever since. Katy picked up her nervous date in the family minivan. Katy learned very quickly how important family was to Adam as she was greeted at the

door by parents, brothers, and grandparents. This sense of family has set the tone for our relationship.

We went to separate colleges after high school. A good friend said that if our long-distance relationship survived until Thanksgiving we would make it. We got engaged when we graduated and have been married now for 15 years (together for 20) so, well, we definitely made it! We were kids when we met and now look forward to having a family of our own.

Our Hobbies & Interests: We love spending time outside and exploring nature and hiking. We spent our honeymoon hiking at Glacier National Park in Montana! We are lucky that we currently live 10 minutes from the redwoods and mountain trails, and within walking distance to the beach.

We both grew up with music and enjoy going to musicals, concerts, and support our local orchestras.

At home we really enjoy reading and have a large collection of books we can’t wait to share!

We love cooking together and do so almost every night. One favorite weekly tradition is homecooked pizza with using a sauce recipe handed down from Katy’s father.



About Adam

About Adam by Katy: Adam is the best person I know. He is kind, patient, level-headed and always knows to do the right thing. He sees the good in the worst situation and makes the best of every opportunity. He is the type of person that can befriend anyone. He has fun showing a young nephew how to design a video game, sit with my father and learn army stories that no one has heard before and walk a neighbor through how to set up their computer. He is my best friend. I know he will make an amazing father and I can’t wait to become a parent with him by my side!

For Work: Adam works at Netflix as a Product Reliability Engineer for the Netflix Animation Studio where he helps make sure all the tools that artists use are working well. He loves that he gets to work from home and gets to work for a company that creates entertainment for people and prioritizes family.

A Few of Adam’s Fun Facts

My Perfect Day: Hiking with my wife then watching the sunset together at the beach

I Like to Collect: Sand dollars

Favorite Hobby: Hiking

I Can’t Live Without: Music

Favorite Movie Genre: Sci Fi

Favorite Place to Take a Child: The aquarium

Zodiac Sign: Libra

About Adam

About Katy

About Katy by Adam: I knew I loved Katy when I saw how much she cared about others, like how she worked to take care of pets at the clinic and how much time she spent getting to know and learn about others.

Katy is kind, encouraging, thoughtful, smart, and a great listener. She is the kind of person who cheers you up when you have a bad day, who makes sure every employee at work gets a gift for the holidays, and who not only encourages you to be your best but also asks how she can help you be your best.

She is my best friend and constantly makes me feel loved and appreciated. I feel so lucky to become a parent with her because I know she will be the most loving mother!

For Work: Katy is a veterinarian in specialty medicine. Her love of animals, medicine, and desire to learn has resulted in a lifetime spent in veterinary medicine. She started working in a veterinary clinic as a teenager and worked at a farm clinic through college.

A Few of Katy’s Fun Facts:

My Perfect Day: Coffee, hiking with Adam and cooking dinner together

I Like to Collect: Pets!

Favorite Hobby: Running

I Can’t Live Without: Music and cats

Favorite Movie Genre: Romantic Comedy

Favorite Place to Take a Child: The beach

Zodiac Sign: Aries


About Katy

Our Village

Our Families are very supportive of our plans to adopt and can’t wait to welcome our future child into the family!

Katy is the 3rd of 4 girls. Sara, the oldest, and her husband live in Oregon with their 2 boys. Buddy and her husband live in Chicago with a most curious 5-year-old. Anna is the baby of the family who is a researcher at Yale. Though we are far apart geographically, time zones nor distance stop us from calling each other night or day and oversharing- as sisters do.

Katy’s mother lives in her home-town Chicago where she adores spending many days with her youngest grandson. She also enjoys frequent trips to the west coast to see her older grandsons (and kids). Katy’s father unfortunately passed away in 2019 and is missed daily. He would be delighted with being a grandpa again.

Although our families are far, we visit the Midwest often and are fortunate to see both sides of the family when we do.

Adam is the oldest of 3 boys. His brother Andrew is an electrician in Indianapolis, IN and lives with his wife Emily and their 2 children. His other brother Aaron is a high school band director in San Diego, CA. Adam’s parents recently moved to Indiana to be closer to the grandchildren as they have found great joy in being grandparents. Adam’s father Brian works with a local church there.

Traditions: There is a great deal of travel between the west coast and midwest as our family is close. In 2019 we all made a trip to Mexico for Adam’s brother Aaron’s wedding.

The holidays mean the family comes together whether in person or now virtual (zoom). Christmas eve includes opening the annual gift of new pajamas with hot cider in hand, midnight church service, and cinnamon rolls on Christmas morning.

Our Village

Our Home & Community

We live in a family-oriented beach community in Santa Cruz, California. There is an endless amount of activities for families in our community including junior lifeguard and ranger programs, state/county/national parks, and nature preserves for sea otters, sea elephants, and even monarch butterflies!

We have a 3-bedroom 2 bath house with a big kitchen and dining room perfect for cooking, baking and family. We live less than a mile from the beach! We have a large fenced in yard where we grow vegetables, have an abundance of fruit trees and plant a ton of succulents (Katy’s new obsession). We also have an elementary school around the corner, a middle school a 5-minute bike ride away, and a high school less than a mile from our house.

We love walking to the harbor looking at boats, seals, and walking along the many miles of beach. In the evening we have a favorite spot by the lighthouse to watch the sunset.

The weather here is great, it is rarely hot in the summer, rarely cold in the winter, and generally about perfect for doing things outdoors. As a Midwesterner by birth, Katy ensures that we take advantage of this no matter what month it is.

Meet Our Pets: Of course with a Veterinarian in the family there are always pets! We currently have 2 dogs and 2 cats. We also have two aquariums with fish! Our pets will be great friends with your child!

Quinn is the newest addition- he is a 10-year-old beautiful Australian shepherd who needed a new home so joined us in 2020. He is a calm, loving and easy-going guy. He loves his daily walks and sleeping at our feet. He is gentle with children, new people, and he loves our cats!

Levi is our 12-year-old Jack Russel Terrier who Katy rescued during vet school. He is a playful companion to anyone who will throw his ball and loves cuddling up with his housemates under a blanket. He loves the beach and anywhere he can lay in the sunshine. He loves children and is very gentle.

Things We Look Forward to Doing with Our Child:

  • Exploring parks, Redwoods and learning about nature
  • Reading them stories and singing with them
  • Spending time at the beach, making sandcastles, and playing in tide pools
  • Teaching them about animals and how to care for them
  • Helping them make friends and joining the junior lifeguard program
  • Spending time with our extended families
  • Exploring new hobbies and interests
  • Teaching them to play musical instruments
  • Bike riding and swimming together as a family
  • Baking cookies
  • Creating holiday memories together, including decorating the Christmas tree and learning to cook for Thanksgiving

In Closing – Thank You: Thank you again for considering us and we can’t wait to learn more about you! We will always make sure your child grows up knowing they are loved by both you and us and will ensure they grow up knowing that life is a wonderful adventure, and it is theirs to explore.

-Adam & Katy


Our Home & Community