Megan and Chris


We are honored and humbled that you are reading about us. Thank you for having the strength, courage and love to consider adoption. We know this can’t be easy and requires a lot of trust. Our hope is that we can bring a sense of peace and comfort to this journey and allow you to know that your child will also be deeply loved, nurtured and cared for their entire life.

We have wanted to become parents together since the day we got married, and could not be more excited to grow our family through adoption. We’re ready to offer all of the love we have to your baby, and we promise a life full of laughter, love and good old-fashioned fun!

We met in Santa Monica, California, back in 2011. We had mutual friends and hit it off immediately. After dating for a few years, we were married in Megan’s hometown of San Diego, on the cliffs of La Jolla. It was the most beautiful moment of our lives, with the calming waves and the gorgeous sunset and 70 of our closest friends and family surrounding us in love.

About Us:

  • We love to take epic road trips! Our favorites are Palm Springs, Santa Barbara, San Diego, Mammoth Lakes, Yosemite, and the Grand Canyon. We love hiking and adventure, and will go wherever our car will take us!
  • We love to watch movies! Watching Netflix is one of our favorite things to do, especially on Fridays, when we order Chinese food and Chris makes a huge bowl of popcorn!
  • We love to go on long walks with our pup, Huntley! Every day, rain or shine, we go on a family walk around the neighborhood. It is our time to relax, connect and share our dreams for the future.
  • We love to host family & friends! Especially for taco nights in our backyard. There is nothing better than celebrating the big and small moments of life with those you love the most!



About Megan

I grew up in sunny San Diego, excelling in school and wanting to serve the world. After getting my master’s degree in Marital & Family Therapy and setting up my own counseling practice, I pivoted and moved to Los Angeles to start a job in entertainment. I eventually built a 15+ year career in entertainment events, producing Hollywood parties.

A few years ago, I decided to leave the corporate world and launch my own business as an online coach. Now I have the freedom & flexibility to work from home, with female entrepreneurs to help them grow profitable businesses. I love helping people and know I can help change the world, with every single life I help impact. I absolutely cannot wait to share my experiences with our future child, and to celebrate their special gifts and unique journey.

Fun Facts:

  • First job was at a smoothie bar in high school (yum!)
  • Lived in a tiny village in south Lake Tahoe, working on a cruise boat one summer
  • Passionate about planning epic vacations for the family
  • Obsessed with the TV show, “Friends”

More About Megan, by Chris

Megan is the love of my life. She is the sweetest, kindest, most giving person I have ever known. Her huge heart, bright smile and adventurous spirit make every day a gift. She has taught me how to love stronger, play happier and live life with purpose and passion. I’m a better man, husband, friend because of her.

She has a deep love for her family and friends, and is her happiest when surrounded by both! Megan’s gentle heart and compassion for those in need inspires me daily. She’s has traveled to third world countries volunteering on medical mission trips and will give her time to anyone that needs it. She is a beautiful person, inside and out.

With all my heart I know Megan will be an incredible Mom… providing a safe and nurturing home filled with unconditional love and support.

About Megan

About Chris

I was born and raised in Kansas City by two loving parents, whom I still talk to every single day and visit regularly. I spent a significant part of my childhood in Colorado where I developed a deep love for the outdoors, especially hiking and skiing!  I graduated from Boston College where I studied music and marketing.

After graduation, I moved to Los Angeles to write music for film and television. I have had my music featured on projects for Walt Disney, Warner Bros. Netflix, Amazon, HBO, CW, Fox and more!  I’m also head of marketing for a large tech company based in Los Angeles.

Family is everything to me. Growing up in a large, loving Italian family I was surrounded by aunts, uncles, grandparents and cousins – having dinners as a family and celebrating life together.

Fun Facts:

  • Obsessed with traveling the world (Favorite destinations include New Zealand, Australia, South Africa, Italy, Alaska)
  • Loves his KC Royals and Chiefs!
  • A former Division 1 Swimmer at Boston College
  • Avid reader, swimmer, science geek and lover of all things outdoors

More About Chris, by Megan

Chris is the most generous, thoughtful, kind-hearted man I have ever met. He has an incredible positivity that spreads joy to anyone he meets. He is beyond talented with composing music and playing the piano, and is extremely intelligent. On top of all of that, he makes me laugh every single minute.

Chris has a special gift and natural ability to make kids laugh and smile.  I know he will be a fantastic dad. 

I am truly a better person with Chris in my life. In work, business and friendships, Chris has helped me grow and push past my comfort zone to become the best version of me. He isn’t just my husband – he is my best friend and forever partner, and I don’t think I could get any luckier.


About Chris

Our Home and Community

Sunny beaches, snowy peaks and all kinds of beautiful places in between, we call Los Angeles home. We are fortunate to own an expansive house & lush backyard (with a huge lawn for playing and a gazebo too!).  We enjoy entertaining and often have friends and family members over for BBQ’s and movie nights.

Our neighbors are all young families and we know them all by name. A typical Saturday afternoon on our street will have dozens of kids playing in various yards, riding bikes, setting up a slip-n-slide in the front yard, or doing chalk art on the sidewalks. We bought our house specifically with growing our family in mind!

We have unparalleled access to renown hiking trails and beaches like Malibu and Manhattan Beach, local farmers markets, and top theme parks (we love Disneyland!). It is the perfect place for us to raise a child with the opportunity to explore anything they dream about.

Meet Huntley!

Huntley is our 6-year-old YorkiePoo, and we think he is the most adorable puppy in the world. I don’t think he has ever met a person he doesn’t love bomb with friendly licks! He especially enjoys kids and babies, because his favorite thing is giving kisses in exchange for high-pitched giggles. He also lives for hours of sweet cuddles, soft belly rubs, naps in the warm sun, and doing tricks for his favorite chicken jerky treats.


Our Home and Community

Our Family and Friends

The life we have created in Los Angeles, California is centered in faith in God, and tethered around a community of dear friends and family. We are both extremely close to our families – Chris’ family is a short flight to Kansas City, and Megan’s parents are only a few hour’s drive to San Diego. We talk to them almost every day!

Together we’ve got 5 nephews and 2 nieces, plus tons of cousins and extended family, so there is never a dull moment for holidays and get-togethers. There is so much support and love on both sides, and plenty of celebrations filled with warmth, lively conversation, and memories to last a lifetime.

The people closest to us have been supportive through our decision to grow our family through adoption and anticipate the arrival of another precious child into their lives. Great friends and family are anxiously awaiting the chance to shower our new bundle with love and attention.

 Fun Family Traditions:

  • Thanksgiving celebration in Kansas City with over 40 of Chris’ extended family members
  • Christmas breakfast on the beach in San Diego with Megan’s family
  • Fourth of July epic vacation to a favorite destination (usually Hawaii or Colorado!)

To You and Your Child, We Promise To:

  • Spend each and every day caring for and providing the best for your child.
  • Provide a life of incredible adventures and amazing discoveries as a family.
  • Tell your child every day just how much we love them, and how special they are.
  • Encourage your child that they can pursue and explore any path their heart desires.
  • Put your child first, and support them in their personal & professional goals.
  • Remind your child often of how much you love them.


Our Family and Friends