Dear Birth Mother

Hello! I’m Michelle from Nashville, Tennessee! I’m so excited to meet you! Thank you so much for considering me. My hope is that you will learn a bit about me, my family and how much love I have to give your child. My heart is wide open and ready to become a mom.

I have known for years that I want to be a mom and I am excited to begin my adoption journey. I will encourage your child to be their very best self, with fun, laughter and joy as the cornerstone to growth. I will always love, support and care for your child and I will teach them to live each day with passion.

About Me: I live in Nashville, Tennessee and have called it home for over 11 years. I grew up in a small town in Wisconsin with my parents and my two younger sisters. They all still live in the same area. I visit often and love getting up there to spend time with everyone. While I love the weather in Nashville and the ability to be outside almost every day of the year, I certainly miss a good sledding adventure, snowman building and other winter fun.

I’m really active and enjoy hiking with my dog, Bennett and just being outside in general. I spend a lot of time in my garden or out on the water kayaking.

I also love spending time with friends enjoying great food, time outdoors, traveling, and working out. One of my favorite group activities is my Cooking Club – we’ve made it through over 4 cookbooks!

Dear Birth Mother

Fun Facts About Me

Fun Facts About Me:

  • I love to sing and have dance parties in my living room!
  • I love a good adventure – skydiving and rollercoasters especially!
  • I love animals and believe they can teach us so much
  • Time in nature is soothing to me
  • Sometimes I wear costumes or dress up to embarrass my friends when I pick them up at the airport
  • I love to read. I’m usually reading 3-4 books at a time
  • I make an incredible chocolate caramel cheesecake

My Core Values:

  • Honesty
  • Integrity
  • Laughter
  • Adventure
  • Communication
Fun Facts About Me

My Home and Community

My neighborhood is about 15 minutes outside of downtown Nashville. I have lived here for almost 4 years and love the proximity to parks, activities and friends. My home is 3 bedrooms and has an open kitchen and living area, making it easy to be mostly in one room in the evenings.

I work from home and have my home office tucked away upstairs in a room that also includes a large living area. I have a fenced back yard with a flower garden and potted herbs and plants, and plenty of room to play! My neighborhood is family friendly, filled with young children, and is near several great schools.

One of my favorite things about my home is the proximity to two large parks in the Nashville area. I love to go hike or bike on the trails and enjoy that there are also paved trails available when I meet up with friends with kids needing to push a stroller or let the kids ride bikes. It’s a place I love to go to recharge and connect with nature. There are swings and playsets with slides and forts for hours of fun for the kids.

My Career: I have worked in healthcare sales for most of my career. I’m focused on expanding wellness services to ensure that the people who need healthcare have access to it.

My Favorites

Sports Team: Green Bay Packers

Thing to Collect: Books

Place to Take a Child: The zoo or museum

Superhero: Wonder Woman

Kid’s Movie: The Little Mermaid

Childhood Activity: Ballet

My Home and Community

Meet Marcel and Bennett

Meet Marcel, the cat. Also known as Marcelli, Baby Noodle or Bubby. Marcel is 6 years old, has long hair, and is full of sass. He was nicknamed chubby when I adopted him as a kitten…I should have known he’d become a big boy as he is now a robust 17 pounds. He’s handsome and (mostly) sweet. He enjoys sitting in his chair watching the critters in the yard, sunbathing on the back porch or wrestling with the dog. He loves to snuggle up with me at night and is great with kids.

Meet Bennett: Bennett, also known as Miss. Lizzie Bennett or Sis, joined the family in October 2019 as a 10-month-old pup after I rescued her from a rural shelter. Her eyes stole my heart immediately. She’s a mixed breed dog weighing in at about 55 lbs. From day one, she’s been a treat. She came with a lot of bad habits, but I have loved helping her learn that she is safe here. We love to kayak & swim together, hike, play frisbee or even just play chase in the house! She brings me so much joy! She loves being with kids and even knows to be gentle and not pull when one of the kids is walking her! Bennett also will whisper in your ear or roll over for a belly rub to show how much she loves you.

Meet Marcel and Bennett

Family and Friends

Get to Know My Family & Friends: I am very close with my two sisters, Emily and Gretchen. And thanks to them, I’m the proud ‘Auntie Chelle’ to 4 nieces and nephews who I love spending time with creating special memories! Brandon (13) is the oldest and is already taller than me (by a lot!). His younger sister Brielle (11) and I are close buddies – she’s an animal lover like me and loves to FaceTime! Evelyn (12) is really into the arts, creativity and is a terrific chef. Anderson (10) is definitely the comedian in the family. He’s always into something and we have a ton of fun making faces, playing innocent pranks and giggling!

Mom and Dad just celebrated 50 years of marriage. They love time with the grandkids having sleepovers, baking goodies and having fun. They host big celebrations for the holidays and especially love birthday celebrations. I’m so grateful to have them in my life and to continue to make memories as a family.

I’m grateful to have amazing friends who have also made me an honorary auntie, and with 3 new babies born in the last year, my future child will have an instant group of friends. My college roommates are still my best friends and we connect weekly to share, support and love one another. I also have a terrific group of friends here in Nashville. We share holidays together when we can’t be with our families, help out when needed and, most importantly, have a lot of fun together!

The Holidays: I love the Holidays, especially Thanksgiving. I host an annual Friendsgiving. Each year, I carefully curate the menu to include a treasured dish from each guest – the thing

that reminds them most of their childhood and family memories. Some of us participate in the annual Turkey Trot 5 mile run early in the morning. We then gather mid-day for appetizers and a cheerful viewing of the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade and the National Dog Show! It’s possibly my favorite time of the day. From there, we migrate to the dining room and enjoy the feast after sharing what we are grateful for that year. I cannot wait to share my gratitude for you and your child.

At Christmas, I always go home to Wisconsin to enjoy the festivities with my family. My mom and dad (Mimi and Grandad to the grandkids) always spoil the kids with visits from Santa, a gift filled tree and stories from the past to keep us connected to our roots. I love that each Christmas we light the candles around a Christmas Pyramid and each share what we are grateful for. It’s special, filled with laughter, good food and quality family time!

My parents taught me the importance of family. I have deep pride in my roots and a passion for carrying on traditions like family songs, stories and recipes. Mom always made the holidays incredible and I hope to do the same for my future child.

Thank You: Thank You for taking the time to get to know me. I believe that life has brought me to this place since I have an open heart and so much love in my life to give. I am ready to take on the responsibility of becoming a mother and I know that my life experiences will help me along the way.

I promise to share all that I have with my future child. To love unconditionally, teach them kindness, generosity and how to live a life filled with passion. We will splash in puddles, dance around the house, sing in the car, play games and laugh. We’ll travel together and I will share my passion for different cultures, food and exploration.

Family and Friends