Mike and Luis

Dear Birth Mother

Hello! We are Luis, Mike, and Sky from Los Angeles, CA!

We admire your decision to place your child for adoption. We know you haven’t taken this choice lightly. We hope that reading about us will give you some comfort that there are people like us who will provide endless love and care to your child.

We met playing the sport we love and have played most of our lives, water polo. One lucky morning, Luis tried out a water polo practice of a Los Angeles adult team where Mike had played for several years. We locked eyes that morning and went out to breakfast afterwards with the team. We both wanted to learn about each other’s life right away. We became friends for a couple of years until the stars aligned. Our first date was swimming then enjoying lunch outside on a rooftop high rise restaurant overlooking downtown LA. It was March, sunny, and warm. FAST FORWARD » We have been together for 9 years and married for 4!! We knew we were meant for each other very early on, and we love spending time with our families. We also knew we wanted to build our own family and raise children together. Please know that if you choose us as adoptive parents, your child will have two very loving fathers and the BEST older sister Sky. We will do everything within our power to provide for, educate, encourage, motivate your child…and make them laugh.

Fun Facts About Us

  • We recently moved into a house we bought that has wonderful yards and a big pool that the three of us are enjoying this summer. Sky is taking swimming lessons already!
  • We saw a cheetah, leopards, lions, elephants, giraffes, zebras, hippos, penguins, ostriches and dozens of other animals during our honeymoon in SOUTH AFRICA!
  • We sometimes like to get HANDY! We painted the interior of our house several different colors and built a large wooden clock for Mike’s stepmom Janet.
  • We went to the GAME OF THRONES PREMIERE in Hollywood and talked for 5 minutes and got a photo with the actress who plays Arya Stark—she was really nice!
  • We dress up in costumes every HALLOWEEN, such as bridezilla, Imagine Dragons, a werewolf, a vampirate (vampire + pirate), a Lego, an avocado, a Jedi, and Tintin and Captain Haddock.
Dear Birth Mother

About Luis

About Luis by Luis

I grew up in a loving, caring, and hard-working family in Medellin, Colombia. We would spend Christmas with our large family of 25+ people. Those family gatherings are among my favorite memories as a child. I migrated to the US for college and graduated with a degree in Finance and Economics. I am currently a Senior Director of Finance at a large TV entertainment company (NBC Universal) and love my job! NBC Universal provides great benefits and is very friendly towards employees with children. I speak fluent English and Spanish and would love for my future child to learn both languages (maybe more!).

Luis’ Favorites

  • FOOD – Ceviche, all thing salads, and ice cream.
  • DRINK – Water, followed by a good morning cup of coffee.
  • MOVIE – La La Land o SEASON – Summer o DESTINATIONS – Vancouver & Whistler, British Columbia (Canada).
  • TV SHOWS – Brooklyn 99 (NBC), Below Deck Med (Bravo).
  • MUSICAL – Wicked.

By Mike

  • I never thought I’d marry someone who plans even better than me!
  • Luis forgives me when I lose my willpower and sometimes eat his treats at home.
  • I had boxer dogs growing up, but we want a Husky or German Shepherd like Luis had growing up.
  • Luis is always enthusiastic about spending time with Sky! She is great, but babies are a lot of work, and he makes it look easy.
  • Luis is the most dependable and practical husband I could ever imagine – he loves doing the boring stuff like family finances and investments!
  • Luis and I like to race each other for the “good spot” on the couch for watching TV and snuggling.
  • Luis always is on the phone with his family members! (But Luis leaves his phone in his pocket when he’s with friends or family.)
  • Luis gets me and his friends and family fun gifts, even when it’s not our birthday!
  • I love how Luis will always go dancing, to music concerts, and we like to take Sky on adventures too, like our road trip to Santa Fe, NM!


About Luis

About Mike

About Mike by Mike

I grew up near the beach in a suburb of Los Angeles. My dad taught my sister and me how to play games and sports — too many to count! — while my mom got us into competitive swimming and water polo. I was the water polo captain at Harvard college and met Luis playing the sport together years later. Both of my parents taught me to be kind, honest, and hard-working. I was a high school teacher (biology and chemistry), coach, and assistant principal for 10 years and now I am a recruiter for Energy Vault. I speak Spanish okay and continue to learn via Spanish radio and Luis’ family!

Mike’s Favorites

  • FOOD – Healthy Stuff (fish, chicken, vegetables) & Ice Cream.
  • DRINK – Sparkling water.
  • MOVIE – Star Wars & The Princess Bride.
  • SEASON – Summer!
  • DESTINATIONS – Safari in South Africa.
  • BOOKS – Game of Thrones.
  • TV SHOW – Love, Victor.
  • MUSICAL – Les Misérables.

By Luis

  • I love when Mike tickles my back in places I can’t reach.
  • Mike balances his busy schedule very well. Mike always has time for Sky, me, our family, and our friends!
  • I love how Mike keeps us three eating healthy by cooking wholesome meals with fresh foods.
  • Mike always encourages me to go swimming with him, and is teaching our daughter Sky to swim in our pool.
  • Mike is very kind and communicates with me and others very well.
  • There is always a game that he wants to play. Sky loves joining our Yahtzee games in the mornings while drinking our coffees!
  • Mike has a very kind heart and spends a good amount of time volunteering with various non-profits, such Human Rights Campaign (HRC), West Hollywood Aquatics, and Tessellations school.
  • Mike loves to sing! in the shower, in the car, and it has come very handy when Sky does not want to sleep.
About Mike

Our Home

We live in a very family-friendly, safe neighborhood in a suburb of Los Angeles, California. We are within walking distance to 2 beautiful parks with playgrounds, the library, and a frozen yogurt store! There are tons of activities near our home such as the Zoo, hiking trails, and the beach. There are many theme parks near our home including Universal Studios with the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, Disneyland, LegoLand, Knott’s Berry Farm, and Six Flags. WE VALUE EDUCATION and there are great schools (rated 10 out of 10) less than a mile away!

Meet Sky

We adopted Sky as a newborn in Tennessee. We got to spend quite a bit of time with Sky’s birth mother and her family both before and after the birth. Sky loves reading (well, looking at books), visiting the park almost every day with her nanny Aida to see her friends, and playing hide and seek with her daddy Mike and papa Luis. She just started swimming lessons, is surprisingly good on the scooter, and LOVES to climb. She keeps us on our toes because she is kind of a daredevil sometimes. Sky is the most wonderful gift life could have given us, and we love her so much. We can’t wait to watch her become a big sister.

Top 5 places we’d like to take our children

  • Hawaii again
  • Disney World
  • Tokyo, Japan
  • Sailing around the Greek Islands
  • Glacier National Park, Montana
Our Home

Meet Our Loved Ones

We are very fortunate to have families who love us for who we are.

Mike’s Family -> Mike’s mom, Stevie, passed away years ago but his dad Pete eventually remarried Janet and now we have 3 awesome step-siblings, all in Los Angeles with our parents! Mike’s sister Kelly and brother-in-law Phil aren’t too far (San Diego) and his nephew Eli lives in Austin, Texas. We spend a lot of fun holidays together! Christmas and 4th of July are the best.

Luis’ family is spread across the United States. We meet at least once a year for the holidays. Luis’ older brother Jaime has a 4-yearold daughter, Victoria, and his little brother, Jorge, together with his wife, Kimberly, has a 2.5-year-old son, Santiago A We can’t wait to make our family gatherings ever larger!

We promise to always pay attention to your baby, keeping them safe. We don’t mind losing sleep. Just like our daughter Sky has, your child will become our first priority. We vow to have fun with our future child, teach life’s important lessons, and most of all to show affection and love our child no matter what!

Thank you for considering us as adoptive parents!

Luis, Mike and Sky

Meet Our Loved Ones