Milo and Brian


Hi! We are Milo & Brian from Orange County, California. We want to start out by saying thank you! Thank you for taking the time to get to know us, and thank you for considering us as adoptive parents. We are so excited to be parents and cannot wait for the opportunity to bring a child into our life.

After a year of failed conception via surrogacy, we realized that was not how our family was destined to grow. Although it was disappointing initially, it did bring us closer together as a couple, led us to growing our family through adoption, and finally led us to you!

About Us: We met on Tinder. Surprise! It works! Our first date was awesome. A drink turned into an appetizer, that turned into a walk around town, and then turned into dinner. Milo told his friends that “Brian showed up to the date before I did, I think I need to marry him!”

Fast forward 3 years later: It is the hottest day of the year, and we have all 10 cousins coming over to walk to a food festival in the town square. The A/C couldn’t keep up because it was 115º outside. Milo asks Brian to fix the dog’s collar real quick and that is how he popped the question, on his knee with the perfect ring. Everyone was in on the surprise and arrived just a few minutes later to celebrate together with an impromptu engagement party. It was just incredible… very hot and incredible!

We have created a life we love. We really love to do almost everything together. Brian is certainly the planner between the two of us. He loves to put together great meal plans and travel itineraries, but Milo is incredible at details and can do a deep dive into the history of any place we are visiting. If it were up to Brian, we’d be spending a few days eating our weight in pasta through Tuscany, but Milo would have us trekking to every architecturally intriguing spot in Japan. How do we make it work? Compromise… we make sure to find time to do both. It’s the only way to travel when you’ve got two totally different ideas of what to do!



About Milo

About Milo by Milo: I come from what Brian calls “a comically large Lebanese family” just outside of Los Angeles. I consider myself blessed to be raised around such an amazing and supportive network. Being the oldest of three boys, my mom and dad certainly had their hands full, but they raised my brothers and I with unconditional love. To this day, if I go more than a week without checking in with my parents just to say ‘hi’, I will get an earful.

I was the first child in my generation to go to college and after graduation, I fulfilled my dream of becoming an Architect. I got licensed about 4 years ago, and now work as a Project Manager for one of state’s largest architectural firms, working on education projects. It is so rewarding to walk by a classroom building that I designed and to see the impact it has on students’ lives.

More About Milo by Brian:

Milo is a big kid at heart. Milo was born to be a Dad and instantly connects with people. He’s the first one to volunteer to help somebody move, is always happy to get together with friends, and can talk to anyone about any topic. He is the cornerstone of his huge Lebanese family.

Milo gets excited about the latest LEGO architectural set release like it’s Christmas morning. I didn’t know for sure if raising a child was going to happen for me until I met Milo. Milo makes me a better person just being around him. I don’t call Milo my best friend because he’s everyone’s best friend… I have the privilege of calling him my husband though!

Milo’s Top 5 Travel Bucket List:

  • Thailand
  • Madagascar
  • Brazil – I have family there
  • The Galapagos
  • Costa Rica
About Milo

About Brian

About Brian by Brian: I was born and raised in Southern California and while I love to travel and explore new places, SoCal always feels like coming home.

I feel incredibly lucky to have been raised by very different personality types with my mother being creative, and my father being highly analytical and great with numbers. I loved to play “office” as a kid, so it’s no surprise that I became a marketing manager, one of the most creative office jobs imaginable.

Although my company is located in North Carolina, I am a work-from-home employee and travel just a few weeks a year.

Creating moments that people remember is one of my favorite things to do. People rarely remember things, but we always remember how we felt in a moment, so my goal is to make sure that everyone walks away with a lasting memory. When I plan our customer training seminars around the country they are more like vacations for the attendees. When we have the family up to our cabin, we have a full-on crab boil or a build-you-own s’mores or sundae bar… my nephew, Tristan said, “Why does Uncle Brian have to be so ‘fancy’?” And I take it as a compliment.

More About Brian by Milo: Brian is the life of every party! If I ever make the mistake of going to any family event without my “better half”, I spend the rest of the evening explaining why he isn’t there. He is the kind of guy that you always want to be around.

Brian will be an amazing dad. Seeing Brian around his niece and nephews, I am fortunate enough to get a sneak peek of what a wonderful father he is going to be. He is the first one his family will reach out to when they need anything, like a shoulder to cry on. I have never met anyone like Brian, and I consider myself lucky to call him my husband.

Brian’s Top 3 Travel Bucket List:

  • Scandanavian countries (Sweden, Norway, Finland)
  • The Mediterranean
  • Australia! Koalas and kangaroos!


About Brian

Home is Where the Heart is

We live in Orange County, CA (the O.C.) but our house is anything but typical. It is a little 1926 vintage bungalow in the Old Towne Orange historical district, walking distance from the center of town. We have done our best to keep as much of the historic charm of the original house as possible, and we love our neighborhood.

Our whole neighborhood decorates for the holidays, and we are really lucky to consider our neighbors friends. We get together at each other’s houses all the time, and this year we are planning our first block party.

When the opportunity came up a few years ago to buy a small cabin in the mountains about 15 minutes away from Brian’s mom & stepfather, we jumped at the chance! It has been so awesome having a small get away where we can go for the weekend and decompress in nature. More than that, we love having a little place where we can have all of our family over, especially when it snows!

We have a houseful of snuggly creatures. Independent little Meeka, our Italian Greyhound is such a cuddle monster who loves to get snuggled in a blanket by the fire or sneak under the covers, and if our Instagram is to be believed… a total Diva!

Caleb is our cat (although in Arabic Caleb means ‘Dog’) and he sure thinks he is one. He sleeps in the dog bed. He loves to cuddle and gets scratches every chance he gets.


Home is Where the Heart is

A Little About Our Family

Milo’s family can’t wait for us to grow our family, in fact, his cousin Joseph keeps telling us to “hurry it up” so that our children can grow up together just like they did.

Brian’s family is small but mighty. Even though Brian’s two sisters, Melissa and Andrea live a few hours away, we make it a point to see them every chance we get! We even have an annual Memorial Day tradition where Melissa, Matt (her husband) and her sons (Riley, Tristan, & Logan) come over and spend the long weekend and participate in the community garage sale.

Step back Olive Garden… you know nothing about family until you have been introduced into a Lebanese family. If you ever saw “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” you have seen a mere glimpse into what a Lebanese family is bringing to the table. “Just a few people for dinner” feeds 24. Our future child will be surrounded with love and all the amazing Lebanese food they can eat!

In Closing – Thank you for checking us out! From the bottom of our hearts, we want to thank  you for investing a bit of your time getting to  know us. We are so grateful to have this life  together and are looking forward to growing  our family with your help. We are honored  that you would consider us as adoptive  parents, and look forward to going through  this journey together!

Sharing our love,

Milo & Brian

A Little About Our Family