Nick and Wesley

Hello and Welcome!

We’re Nick and Wesley from the Netherlands! First of all, we want to thank you for reading our profile and spending your time getting to learn more about us. We can only imagine the difficult choices you are facing and admire your courage and love in choosing adoption for your baby. We both share the same dream of becoming parents and hopefully you are the one to make this dream come true. Because it is very difficult to adopt in our home country, we are thankful to be able to adopt in the USA.

On Adoption: We are fully ready to take care of your child and will support them in every way. We promise to raise your child as honest and open. They will always know about you and the love, strength and courage that went into your decision. It is our wish that by reading our profile, you will get a good sense of our life and what we have to offer to your child.

About Us: We met online in 2011. We both share the same interest for video games, so for our first meeting we planned a game night at Nick’s place. Our first date was a trip to an amusement park in Germany.

After our first date we both felt like this was something natural and so we continued spending time together by visiting more amusement parks and even went on a short weekend vacation to Disneyland, Paris. After several weeks it was time to introduce Nick to Wesley’s family. For Wesley this was a big moment because this was his coming out.

Fortunately, we are both blessed with families who fully support us in every step of our life.

In 2013 we’ve decided to share our lives even more by moving in together and so we bought our own house in Wijchen, Netherlands. Throughout the years we were fortunate enough to visit some amazing places in the world for holiday. We’ve mostly visited the USA but also some great places in Europe. Some of our favorite cities in the USA are San Francisco and New York.

We will be getting married in March 2021! For us this will be a special day, not only because we will commit our love for each other, this date also represents our 10th anniversary. We are both very thankful for having such an amazing ten years together and are ready for the next adventure in our life.

Fun Facts About Us:

  • We are addicted to board games!
  • We love to visit Disney Parks around the world.
  • The USA is our favorite vacation destination.
  • We collect magnets of each vacation destination we have been.
Hello and Welcome!

About Nick

About Nick, by Nick: I grew up in a warm and loving family as the oldest of three kids. My mom was a stay at home mom and I had a supportive grandmother who was always around. My mother taught me to always do my best in school so I was kind of a study nerd! As an older brother, I was always taking care of my younger sister Sharon and brother Zoëy. So it was logical that after high school I went to college to become a male Nurse.

I went to college in Nijmegen, a city close to my hometown, so I could bike every day to go to college. When I graduated in 2012, I started working as a Nurse in a different town nearby my hometown. I have a fixed schedule and work on the weekend, often, so fortunately I am able to plan my own working days. I mostly take care of elder people.

I’m excited to become a father. I always dreamed of a large family and have been planning this for my entire life.

About Nick, by Wesley: Nick is a caring and hardworking person. He is disciplined in his work and loves to tell stories about his workdays. He loves to meet up with friends, but also likes to just relax at home with the two of us. I appreciate he’s a caregiver for his grandmother, this emphasizes his abilities to take good care of his family.

Given the fact that he takes care of lots of people in his job, I know he will be an amazing father. I know he will care for and cuddle all day long with our future child and I can’t wait to share great moments with our future child, knowing Nick is by my side!

Fun Facts About Nick:

  • I love playing board games and hanging out with friends (and playing Pokémon GO).
  • I love Disney, as a child I watched all the movies with my sister. We still sing songs together.
  • My talent is my caring nature. With my career as a nurse, my talent is to see things in context and keep focusing on my job.
About Nick

About Wesley

About Wesley by Wesley: I grew up in a small town called Groesbeek. It’s about a 20 minute drive from where Nick and I live now. I was a smart kid in primary school and loved playing with my Lego and Nintendo. After graduating for high school I started working part time at my current employer as a stock clerk. After I finished my secondary vocational in sports I found out that my work as a stock clerk was highly appreciated so I decided to begin a career with my current employer in the grocery store industry. I became a department manager in 2010 and enjoy the management field. This job allows me to work with a flexible schedule and is therefore the ideal job to be able to raise a family with.

Ever since I was young I liked being around children, I love entertaining them, playing with them and taking care of them. I’m looking forward to doing all of this with our future child and seeing them live a happy and healthy life.

About Wesley by Nick: Wesley is a happy and outgoing person. He is always singing and dancing around the house. Wesley loves life and enjoys every moment. He’s always making plans for our next vacation. He connects really great with children. I can’t wait to see Wesley as a dad! I can image him playing around in the garden and teaching our future child to play soccer. His caring nature will make him a great father.

Fun Facts About Wesley:

  • In my spare time I like to play board games.
  • I love gaming on my PlayStation.
  • I love to go running once or twice a week.
  • I love to travel.
About Wesley

Our Loved Ones

Nick’s family lives in Wijchen, most of them are walking distance from our home. We keep each other close and love to get together for family parties. Even my grandfather, Toon will always be there. My sister Sharon is a teacher at an elementary school in our hometown. She loves kids and can’t wait to become an aunt. My brother, Zoëy is still living with my parents. He is in high school and wants to become a carpenter. He will always help me if there is something to fix in my house. Both my parents, Sonja and Roul can’t wait to become grandparents for the first time.

Family is very important for us. Wesley visits his parents every week and Nick is caregiver for his grandmother, Ria. Because both of our parents divorced when we were young, we know how important family is in life. We learned that family is more than a blood connection. Everybody is welcome in our family. It is with a joyful heart that our families welcome our future child.

Wesley’s Family: My family lives close by in my childhood town Groesbeek, it’s about a 20 minute drive from Wijchen. My mother Ellie lives with my stepfather Theo and my father Henk lives with my stepmother Diana. I have a great connection with both of my parents and their partners and find it important to keep in contact with all of them. They are excited to be grandparents!

I love to celebrate holidays like Christmas and Easter together with my family. It always brings back memories from when I was a child. Together with my nephew Luca, my father Henk and my stepmom Diana we often visit theme parks or undertake some other entertainment. Together with my mother Ellie and stepfather Theo we often go on a weekend trip.

Our Loved Ones

Our Home and Thank You

We live in a terraced house with a garden in a quiet and child friendly neighborhood. There is a playground in front of our house. Our neighbors are a mix of young and elder people. There are both families with children of different ages and couples without children too. There is a primary school, church and daycare at walking distance from our home.

Wijchen is located about a 20 min drive from the western German border and is about a 90 minute drive from Amsterdam. It’s a bustling town with countless shops, elementary and high schools, restaurants and terraces. A perfect combination of culture and nature. We love to visit the local cinema or walking around the historical castle of Wijchen.

Fun Facts About the Netherlands:

  • The Netherlands has a very good educational and Health Care system.
  • We celebrate our own traditions like King’s day.
  • The Netherlands are multi-cultural in many aspects. People are very open towards other cultures. In the Netherlands we celebrate non-Netherlands traditions too, like Halloween.
  • The Netherlands is a very ambitious and talented country. We outshine in sports like ice-skating, hockey and soccer. We also do very well in technical developments/education.
  • According to recent research from UNICEF, the Dutch children are one of the happiest children in the world.

In Closing – One Last Thank You: Thank you so much for taking the time to get to know us better! We are excited for the next chapter of our lives and hope that you will consider becoming a part of that chapter. We will always love and support your child no matter what!

  • Nick and Wesley





Our Home and Thank You