Sandra and Erik


To a very special powerful woman, We are Sandra and Erik from the Netherlands.

We are SO GRATEFUL that you are taking the time to get to know us a little better. We are deeply inspired by your strength, courage and love. We cannot imagine how challenging this journey to find a home for your child must be.

If you consider us to be the adoptive parents, we promise we will love, protect, and cherish your child unconditionally and respect them for all that they are, and will become. Likewise, we will keep honoring your courage. We are very much looking forward to providing a home and giving a child everything they need to be safe, stable, happy and healthy.

Please follow your heart in deciding what to do. Take the time to find the loving family you imagine for your child. No matter what path you choose, our hearts and thoughts are with you in support. And remember: you always make the right decision if you take it with conviction, a mother knows best!

On Adoption: After several fertility treatments, we have decided to pursue adoption. Your bravery gives us an opportunity for hope, and to build the family we dream of. We could not be more ready and excited to welcome a little one into our world. Raising a child isn’t about biology to us, it’s about providing a safe, nurturing environment while instilling strong values to help them achieve their dreams.

So, Here’s Our Story: Our love story began in 2006. We met each other through a mutual friend.

There was an immediate chemistry between the two of us and within half a year we started living together. Our wedding day in 2012 was a proof of our love and commitment to each other. We look back at that great day, celebrating our love with all our loved ones.

In the past 15 years we have made a lot of great memories, and we hope to make many more. We are committed to collect moments, not things. That’s why we love to travel around the world. We have made some wonderful trips to places like the USA, Indonesia, Curaçao and Dubai. We are excited to share those experiences and beautiful places with a child and see them grow.

Besides traveling, we love spending time at home during the week, and just enjoy life together. We usually kick off the weekend with chunks of chocolate and cheese, and love hanging out with friends and family. We share our most precious moments with them. As soon as temperatures start to rise we spend most of our time in our garden with lovely flowers like magnolias, hydrangeas and roses, and enjoy cooking burgers on the BBQ.

Things We Like to Do Together:

  1. Making memories with our loved ones.
  2. Traveling all over the world and lovely city trips in Europe (a few of our favorite cities: New York, Paris, Rome, London);
  3. Taking our dog Lizzy to the beach or forest;
  4. Playing board games and table tennis on our dinner table;
  5. Sailing through the canals of our city.

About Sandra

About Sandra, by Sandra: I grew up in a warm, caring and open-hearted family, with my parents and my brother. My brother (Mark) is married and has a daughter (Eline). I adore my little niece and she loves her aunt. They are all excited to welcome a little one into their hearts.

I am a primary school teacher, for children between 6 and 9 years old. Being a teacher is challenging but I love what I do and it’s the most rewarding job I’ve ever had.

As a teacher I have 12 weeks off per year, which is great for having time to take care of the new baby. I will also cut back my working hours, so we have more time to grow as a family to care for one another and to enjoy each other. We are lucky and grateful to be in the position to support this financially, and for both of us it’s important that there is always someone at home with the baby.

In my private life I love to spend time with Erik and our loved ones. A glimpse of my favorite activities: cooking & baking, badminton, relaxing in our outdoor jacuzzi and playing with our dog.

Fun Facts About Sandra

Favorite Food: Cheesecake, pancakes and chocolate

Favorite Music: Beyoncé

Season: Spring

Guilty Pleasures: Listening to Christmas songs in September, and devouring a lot of pastries and ice cream

Bucket List: Traveling to Australia and seeing koalas and kangaroos in the wild.

More About Sandra, By Erik: The first thing you need to know about Sandra is that she is the most thoughtful, loving and cheerful person you will ever meet. She makes sure that everyone around her gets enough attention by simply being there or sending a card or a message. Sandra can move mountains. I really admire her drive and focus. She is my anchor, the person I want to grow old with.  There is no one else I would rather share the joys and responsibilities of parenting with!


About Sandra

About Erik

About Erik, by Erik: I grew up in an affectionate family, with my parents and younger brother. My brother (Martin) has 2 kids, a girl and a boy (Wende and Merijn). My family is very supportive and cannot wait to welcome a new member to our family.

In my role as team leader at a major oil and gas company, I am known for being a people’s person. I am a coach and mentor for younger staff. I truly love my job and am proud of what I do.

It’s a full-time job, however very flexible hours and working from home for more than half of the time. We really want to enjoy spending time with the new baby. Therefore, it’s possible for me to cut back on working hours to be home more and take care of the baby and support the family.

I really enjoy being around friends, and having dinner, or watching movies or sports together. I also love adventures and trying outdoor sports. But most of all I love spending time with the love of my life, Sandra. I cannot wait to see her as the wonderful mother she will be.

Fun Facts About Erik

Favorite Food: Mexican food, and juicy grilled burgers

Favorite Music: Bruno Mars and The Weekend

Guilty Pleasures: Listening to Dutch folk music and singing along too loud

Season: Summer

Bucket List: New Zealand

More About Erik, By Sandra: Erik is a calm, sweet, patient and funny husband who can make everyone laugh. There’s no one else I’d rather share my life with, he is my true-life partner. I believe Erik is the best dad that I could wish for, for our child, he’s truly the world’s greatest! I wouldn’t want to share parenthood with anyone else than him and I cannot wait to see him play with our future child.  I know that he will lead our family through joy and tears for years to come.

About Erik

Our Loved Ones

Our family and friends truly mean the world to us!

We are grateful to be surrounded by our strong, stable, loving, supportive family who are happy about our decision to adopt. Every member of our family cannot wait for another child to spoil. We cannot express to you enough the amount of love and attention your child would receive from our family.

Staying close is very important to us all. We visit as often as we can, especially around the holidays. We celebrate each Christmas with a big dinner and open gifts. We regularly take each other out for dinner and go on vacation together too.

Family is great, but you definitely need friends too. We are blessed to have a small circle of invaluable friends. Most of them have been in our lives for more than 20 years already.

Our friends are fun to be around with, extremely kind, reliable, emphatic, and very loyal. Several have children of their own, their kids are excited to have a new playmate! We are excited to watch our future child spend time with our loved ones and thrilled that there are already so many friends waiting to play.

We are happy to live close to our family and friends and spend time with them often. Our parents live on a 15-20 minute drive from us. And friends live just around the corner.

Family traditions:

King’s Day

We celebrate the birthday of our Dutch king. The day is filled with parades, street markets and fun activities for kids and grownups. Everyone wears something orange, the color that symbolizes the royal family.

New Year’s Eve

Countdown with our family and friends. For this evening Sandra makes a lovely buffet. We eat doughnuts and New Year’s rolls (a typical cookie of our town), and ring in the New Year with laughter.


We open gifts under the Christmas tree, play shuffleboard games and enjoy the dinner of Erik’s mom (Willy). She makes the best turkey we ever had, delicious!

Our Loved Ones

Meet Lizzy Too

Lizzy loves to cuddle, play with kids, and eat a lot of dog biscuits. She is always around us, where we are, she is. And kids love her, our dog is a real friend of children. Lizzy is a genuine sun lover, as soon as there is a ray of sunshine her cute little head is in it!

The Place We Call Home: Our life revolves around enjoying the charms of city life, in the north of the Netherlands. Our warm and cozy lovely house is more than 100 years old. We look forward to filling our home with our child’s artwork and hearing little footsteps running down the hall. We do have amazing neighbors, and we always help each other out. We love to spend time with each other and very often eat together. We also love sailing through the canals with them!

Our neighborhood is a safe and great place to raise a child. The mix of parks, good schooling, health clinics, shops, sports clubs, theatres, the library and restaurants make our city a very vibrant town. There are a lot of playgrounds to explore and make new friends there.

At less than a 20-minute drive from us there are a few natural parks where we can relax and unwind in the forest or heathlands. The lovely city Amsterdam is just a 2-hour drive away!

The Netherlands: We love our country, we are proud to be Dutch! We live in the Netherlands, a small and prosperous country in Europe. The Netherlands is a very safe country and is truly multi-cultural. We take good care of each other and have a lot of mutual respect. The Netherlands has a very good health care system, and excellent schooling and education opportunities for everyone.

A Message From Our Hearts: From the bottom of our hearts we THANK YOU for taking the time to get to know us. We hope that you see how much love is waiting for your child and see our potential as parents.

WE PLEDGE to raise your child with patience, and we will make sure that your child has everything they need: love, safety, comfort, respect, support, laughter, hugs, forgiveness and understanding. We want to develop the unique gifts, talents and interests of your child so that they can become the best version of themselves.

We will love your child unconditionally and respect them for all they are, while honoring your courageous strength.

We are excited by the possibility of sharing this with you in whatever way feels most comfortable to you. Please know that, no matter what level of contact you decide to maintain, we will honor your decision, and your child will always know what a wonderful and strong mother you are.

We truly wish you lots of love and good luck in making this difficult and courageous decision.

Meet Lizzy Too